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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

For Township Supervisor: Leo Savoie bests Dave Thomas by votes 452 votes out of 8042 votes cast..

It was Satchel Page who famously said don't look back something may be gaining on you.  In it's edition published just the election before Tuesday's  election. Downtown Magazine dismissed David Thomas as  one  more than willing to  accept the half truth by the Township Treasurer and has shown himself to be part of the fringe group of malcontents who either do not seek the truth or do not understand it.

  The surprising thing is that  most people outside Bloomfield Township prior to the yesterday's election had never heard of Dave Thomas and those  inside the township by the votes cast  apparently did did not consider him the evil incarnate.

A Year and a half ago ,  Supervisor Leo  Savoie was at the top of his game, as the Man who stood up to DTE and unannounced Ground to Sky Tree trimming, The Law's laid down  by Leo for future  dealings with the utility by the Township  were copied far and wide and for lack of a better term. could be called Leo Laws.

This publication liked Leo because  his well orchestrated  meetings ran under  two hours and he gave the dissidents their due in terms time of  at public hearings.

The  4244  votes Thomas did not get may have been from voters who realized Leo was still need to land the and plane take off  again.The 3792 votes Dave Thomas recieved gets him,  and what he says serious consideration in a Township of 40,000.

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