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Friday, December 30, 2011

Baldwin Library to Cooperate Fully With All Schools Serving City of Bloomfield Hills Students.

 In a prepared statement sent to City Manager Jay Cravens for inclusion in the January issue of the City Newsletter, Hills Highlights, Baldwin Library Director Doug Koschik wrote the following:
As a result of its new contract with the City of Bloomfield Hills, the Baldwin Public Library will be cooperating fully with all schools serving the students of Bloomfield Hills.  This includes the Birmingham Public Schools, the Bloomfield Hills (Public) Schools, and all private schools.

The Baldwin Library already has a longstanding and close relationship with the Birmingham Public Schools, and carefully coordinates its programming and collections with them.  In early 2012, Baldwin will reach out to the Bloomfield Hills Schools and private schools located in the Hills, and intends to establish a close and fruitful relationship with those as well..

So remember: Every student living in the City has full privileges at Baldwin.  These include unlimited checkouts of print and audiovisual materials; the ability to place holds on items; interlibrary loan of materials not available at Baldwin; full use of the Library’s e-books, downloadable audio books, and subscription databases; and participation in all programs, including the summer reading program.

And if you are homeschooling your children, be sure to take advantage of Baldwin’s materials and programs. You might be especially interested in the Parent and Teacher Resource collections in our Youth Room.

The telephone number of the Library’s Youth Services Department is 248-554-4670.  The Adult Services Department, which helps students in middle and high school, can be reached at 248-554-4650.  Feel free to call and seek the advice of our friendly and knowledgeable librarians!

In the past,when the City had no formal relationship with a public library, students in the City of Bloomfield Hills we unable to use the Township Library where the Bloomfield Hills Schools routinely sent  Homework assignments. The willingness of Baldwin to  cooperate with all schools serving our students both public and private could  make a dramatic difference in the ease of learning.

It is also not the first time the Baldwin Library has been ahead the curve in developing ways to serve the City of Bloomfield Hills. Our City commission was considering  the above but had not gone beyond the exploratory steps. The Bloomfield Hills School Board in 2012 will be seeking support of a $65 million dollar Bond issue from City residents.They  had  been told by this author that assistance in something as mundane as the routing of homework assignments might prove valuable  to the support of the  bonds issue. As a body however this did not seem to register.
Hopefully the Baldwin outreach to begin in 2012,  based on the success they have had with Birmingham Schools,and perhaps with the aid of our Library liaison , Commissioner Pat Hardy will produce results in the new year.

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