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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Family Fun at the Baldwin Library Saturday December 3rd through Wednesday December 7th

Monday Dec 5th

Tuesday Dec 6th

No notice for pre registration  but calling ahead might not hurt.

Ongoing.Next dates Dec 6th and 10th
Also this week week most city residents should be relieving their first issue  of Books and Beyond.  Your average chamber of commerce community rag might let it go at that but not The City of Bloomfield Hills Blog. You pay good money to read this free blog.  So we never let the facts speak  for  themselves when we can explain them. You can skip  or fast forward through  page one and two of Books and Beyond. They concern Books and Bites a benefit which raised $22,000. This money will be put to use to enliven the early learning corner of the Youth Room and to expand access to the early literacy computers.
Note the generosity of the donors who as community members partner with the Baldwin Library to make such fund raising events possible. Remember that we are now  members of the "Baldwin" community. Make plans to attend Books and  Bites next year.Move on to page three for events you may want attend next week!
Page three and four are adult pages. Pages four and five are youth pages. Page seven is for teens, Many of the events require advance reservation.If so the date will appear in red. Library hours and phone numbers can be found at the at the top left hand side of this page.
Books at Lunch is a "just walk in " event that happens on the first Wednesday of every month. Bring your brown bag  and enjoy complimentary coffee. If you haven't been reading anything lately, you are mistaken. You have been reading this. You can say so  and add that you are signing up for your art nouveau Baldwin Library card immediately after lunch. That should  be good for a round of applause. 

Phillip Handleman interests are many and varied. Click Here to read more from one of his publishers who reports that Mr. Handleman has completed the Executive Academy at the University of Michigan’s Graduate School of Business Administration in Ann Arbor and resides with his wife in Birmingham, Michigan.

There are many more exciting events at the Baldwin Library Thursday December 8th through Sunday December 11th. Look for them in your soon to be arriving Books and Beyond magazine. We will cover them in an upcoming post.

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