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Friday, December 2, 2011

City residents using the Baldwin Library. 17 days (11/15 to 12/2), 182 library cards issued, and 503 items checked out.

Very impressive numbers all things considered and we will consider everything.

Consider the 17 day time line.
  1. November 8th. Millage passes by 37 vote margin
  2.  November 15th (AM) First date of three year contract. Library opens at 9:30 am. At ten O'clock this writer is fifth person to get card. No line is forming.
  3. November 15th (PM) City of Bloomfield Hills Commission holds monthly meeting.Two residents in attendance  One resident thanks Commission for help in securing contract and praises fellow citizen Larry Neal for election efforts. Second resident thanks commission for securing contract and stating that diverse opinions are the hallmark of a democracy praises fellow citizen Robert Toohey for effort made to present a different point of view, City Commission considers position of library liaison to Baldwin Library. It is obvious to 50% of audience that the commission hasn't really given the non voting appointment much thought. Resident (the fifty percent) says historical opportunity now exists to ascertain usage and get city residents involved in using library. Some commissioners appear reluctant to ask Baldwin for actual usage numbers. In recent election four commissioners lent their name to campaign letter stating "Since Michigan’s Library Privacy  Acts prohibits  the disclosure of actual usage, Baldwin will provide our city  commission with quarterly statistical reports for oversight and review." Resident  attending meeting says careful reading of act prohibits nothing of sort and asks who arrived at quarterly ? Upoon further review Commission tables issues and promises a thoughtful consideration of one, possibly two, non voting liaisons.
  4. November 21st. Baldwin Library Board Meeting. Agenda packet reports that in "within the first three days of contract 79 city  residents had registered (for cards) and checked out 138 items. At the meeting Library Director Doug Koschik with no prompting upgraded those numbers to 125 cards issued and 250 items checked out. He also read a of benefits such as extended hours and new hires the library received as a result the City of Bloomfield Hills Baldwin Library partnership.Board Member Andrew Harris, was cited for his efforts on the City/Baldwin negotiating team  which made agreement possible. For that and other contributions he was elected Board President. Board Member Frank Pisano said the Board wanted to market itself to the people of Bloomfield Hills. In that spirit this publication volunteered, for the foreseeable future. a weekly Baldwin Library post.
  5. On Monday November 25th first one appeared and by Friday the Baldwin article  ranked tenth in a field of 95  posts in terms of popularity. See the bottom right hand corner of this page. 
  6. December 2nd.  Matt Church associate director of the Baldwin Library provided the headlined usage  numbers indicating a 100% increase in items taken out since the Baldwin Library Boards meeting  11 days ago.
Consider that no real marketing has yet been employed. 

This week all Bloomfield Hills households will receive Books and Beyond the Baldwin Library Magazine which is also available on this site now. The quarterly publication is full of family fun, classes, meet the author, start a book club or join one, bring your lunch, consider another continent lectures, and more.
Most  of the events a free of charge. Almost all, to meet every one's needs, require advance registration. Said registration will ask for a city of residence. The City of Bloomfield Hills is the bottom city listed because we are the newest Baldwin contract partner. This is another area where we can measure our involvement. Quite frankly City of Bloomfield Hills which has never had a library of its own, a community center. or aside from City Hall a gathering place has never seen the likes of what community events  Baldwin offers on a regular basis.

Consider that 548 city residents voted for the library. 

We would assume that the majority  of the current number of 182 cards issued went to them. That means 376 "yes" voters are still out there. Whoever  got them to the polls on election day should get them to the Baldwin Library sooner rather than later.

Congratulations are in order to all concerned for a very good start !

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