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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

City Planning Committee Meets This Afternoon 4pm with a Short Agenda

For Today's Agenda Packet Click Here

For those looking for updated information on American Tower's proposed communication  tower for Kensington Road. We don't have any. If you are keeping score at home it has been 91 days since  American Tower last appeared at a Planning Commission meeting  indicating that they planned on returning. Some day.
American Tower has never attended back to back monthly meetings since it began meetings with the City. Instead like the Flying Dutchman Ghost Ship they appear at odd intervals and then disappear for long periods of time. During their recent absence City Manager Jay Cravens reported having a nice hour long  conversations with them. Other possible locations besides the DPW lot  were discussed.

Of course this does neither the City, The Planning Commission, or the residents of Bloomfield Hills any good. Mr. Cravens who advised sending  American Tower to the Planning Commission to get needed certification for a City Commission approval, later has reclused  himself from Planning Commission deliberations. American Tower has laundry list of documentation needed  for approval that seems to be as yet  unfulfilled. There are also clarifications demanded by the Mayor to be made  in writing which are not as yet forth coming.

The Agenda packet for the July 12th meeting does contain American Tower replies  to some of the City's concerns.

Pish Posh Tiddly Tosh is not an exact quote or even an approximate paraphrase but it does indicate a communications disconnect between  The City and the Tower Company in terms of what is  important to whom and when.

It has been 1 year, 1 month, 2 weeks, and  2 days since American Tower first appeared before City Commission.

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