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Friday, September 21, 2012

Howard Baron, Ingrid Day, W.F.Moigis and the P-1 Voter.

Since the first Bloomfield Hills School Board Election does not as yet have a name we thought we would suggest one and that would be the “P1” election. P1 means” one personal preference “and it comes from research done on Radio listeners to determine what stations they listened to and for how long. Initially in the old days (say the last century) that was done by sending a controlled sample of the population diaries to be filled out with what stations they listened to. Many listeners wrote in their diaries that they only listened to one station. Stations were proud to claim a high percentage of  P1 listeners even though in the industry it was conceded that there were no such things.

Then came meters which replaced the diaries in the bigger markets. Meters resembled beepers, and were worn as such. The meters electronically noted whatever playing  radio the carrier came in contact with and for how long.

That changed everything. The man who  swore he listened only to WJR as also listened to Hip Hop when he went to the dry cleaners and his  clothes couldn't be found immediately.
 A “What day did you bring that in?” delay might have been long enough for him to hear a commercial or two. Consciously the man didn't know what hip hop was let alone say he was listening to it.  If one of the ads he heard while his clothes were being retrieved was for takeout food and the wife called him on his cell to suggest take out for dinner, the man without knowing why, was way ahead of her. Even if he was too old for the take out restaurant’s  target demographic. Even if asked at the restaurant “how did you hear about us?”  The man would not explain about mix up at the dry cleaners or their commercial on one of the kid’s radio stations.  He'd simply say “ we've been here before.” The man may not  have had any idea of all the subliminal implications a radio advertisement that played while he was hungry, wondering what was for dinner, and waiting for  his clothes would come around.

When the man came  home with the food and greeted his wife,  he wouldn't tell her to cease and desist
whatever it was she was listening to on the radio. Instead he would converse with her and without being aware  listen to another station he would swear he never listened to. Likewise with kids when they were in the car and pushing buttons on the radio. So much for the fallacy of the P1 listener.

Those who vote in the Bloomfield Hills School Board November 6th election will be knowledgeable about issues and quite possibly have a personal preference or two already in mind when they go the polls.  They will also have the option  to vote for no more than two of the three candidates. They don’t have to vote for two but they may if they desire. Three candidates and  EACH VOTER HAS TWO VOTES. That second vote is the key to figuring out the “P1” election and perhaps sending a message to School Board and School Administration as well.

It is expected that firs time Candidate  W.F. Moigis will bring fresh ideas and insights to the campaign. It is not expected that he will ( barring a Alf Landon Beats Franklin Roosevelt upset) win. If his message suits you and he is your first choice it would be foolish to cast a second vote for a better known rival which would effectively cancel out your first choice. By the same token you might vote for another but consider Moigis a complement to the board and vote for him as well.

Ingrid Day and Howard Baron are the favorites in this election and since two will be elected it is expected that they will be the top vote getters. Who is first and second can be seen as referendum between satisfaction and scrutiny. Who finishes first and who finishes second and the margin of victory, will be noted.
Votes for both Day and Baron could be a top combination. The P1 factor of who voted for just Ingrid or who voted for just Howard could decided who finishes first or second.

And like P-1’s everywhere,  as often as you ask, they probably couldn't tell you what will make up their mind for them on November 6th. That’s because even if they think they know, they really don’t until the pencil fills the oval or two ovals on that Tuesday in the P-1 election.

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