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Sunday, September 23, 2012

November 6th Election Sample Ballot for the City of Bloomfield Hills

There will be three ballots published in the City of  Bloomfield Hills Hills for the 2012 Presidential Election  and state and local issues. The one  below below is for the Precinct 1  the city's largest which will vote in the Bloomfield Hills School District. Precinct 2  will have two ballots similar to thePrecinct 1 . One will be for the residents of Precinct 2  residents who vote in the Bloomfield Hills Schools district and one will be for 
Precinct 2  residents who  vote in the Birmingham School Schools District. Both districts will be electing School Board  members this fall. Whenever there are multiple ballots in local elections the order the candidates are listed in, rotates in the various precincts. The Candidates running for Bloomfield Hills School Board will be listed in different order in the Precinct 1  and Precinct 2 (Bloomfield Hills Schools) ballots. This is to give each candidate (as much as possible) a fair rotation. In the case of the Birmingham Schools which will appear on only one ballot in our city, there is no rotation.

The Ballot for this November's election is considered a "long one." The various proposals are said to be particularly grueling. Luckily  they occur after important local races for State Rep and School Board Planning your vote in advance will help you be accurate and get done faster. Sample Ballots will be posted at the polling places and you can make a copy to take to the polling place with you  by clicking on the below links.

In races of particular local interest and importance  (Schools and State Representative to the Michigan House of Representatives for ours the 40th) we have indicated  their position on the ballot and provided a copy.For Precinct One  and Precinct 2 (Bloomfield Schools) Local School District  appears on page 2 left hand column, second item directly below  Board of Trustees for Oakland Community College,. There are two elections to vote in. The first is three  candidates seeking a six year term. You may vote for not more than two. The second is for candidates seeking a two year term. You may vote for only one.

Precinct 1Bloomfield Hills  Schools
Vote at City Hall 
Fire Station

Precinct 2 Birmingham Schools
Vote at a Congregational Church
Cranbrook Rd. and Woodward

Precinct 2 Birmingham Schools
Vote at a Congregational Church
Cranbrook Rd. and Woodward

State Representative 40th District.
This is person who will represent you and for that matter all of us in Lansing. Opposed to state legislation at removes restrictions from firework or guns in the public library ? The person you choose below will be your man in Lansing to get your views and take it the next level.  Choose wisely. It is an important office. So much so that it is on page 1 of the ballot, right hand column, fourth entry down after Straight Party Ticket, Presidential, and Congressional. The Candidates are Michael D. McCready (Republican), Dorian Coston (Democrat) and  Steve Burgis (Libertarian). The listing of the candidates in on this level does not rotate. They are listed in order of Party and that order with the three candidates is  Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian. You will see the same order in Straight Ballot and Presidential listings.
All precinct  in the 40th District

For our friends in Bloomfield Township and Birmingham we will print sample ballots listings for the school board elections as soon as we can obtain them. Then you be able to see how the candidates you are interested in are listed on the ballot.

For our friends in West Bloomfield who vote in the Bloomfield Hills School Districts (Precincts 13,16, and 17) We already have that information (The City Clerk's office in Wst Bloomfield Township is to congratulated) and we will be publishing it shortly.

And for all our friends in the 40th District  (Birmingham, City of Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, and West Bloomfield) the ballot order for the race For State Representative will always be

In the order of the party just like the straight ticket  check off or Presidential.

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