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Saturday, January 19, 2013

2012 Looking Back: The Citizens of the City of Bloomfield Hills.

 The City  of Bloomfield  Hills  can be proud of it's citizens in  2012.They  did all that was asked  of them and more in 2012.
The went to the polls and voted  in   impressive numbers four times in 2012.

In February they  voted overwhelmingly for favorite son Mitt Romney in the Republic Primary.

In May they voted in City Election and the School Bond Issue. The City's Precinct  # 1  (which votes at City Hall)  delivered the crucial margin in the 2011 Library Millage (thirty some odd votes)  rejected the new high school by seven votes. This despite Kingsley Trail, Whitehall , Randall Lane, and Hunt Club Drive being the City's presumed  School District Row. Regardless of outcome, Take a bow Precinct,1.  Your's was the third highest voter turnout of any precinct in the district. Ahead of you were the two two Behemoth precincts in West Bloomfield. You  topped every precinct in the Township. for the  bond issue. A fact that would not go unnoticed  by School Board candidates in the fall.

.It was Precinct 2 (which  votes at the Congressional Church) that  rejected the Library millage  the fall previous that saved the School Bond issue  in the city by voting yes by  12 votes.

 Last May the residents re-elected Sarah McClure to City Commission by an overwhelming margin. She ran on the promise of maintaining the City's Character. She was later elected  Mayor by the City Commission . Michael Dul was  a surprise runner up and at first   it seemed to  offer a differing point of view. In  realit actual  both wound up in agreement on a number key of issues.

In August  city residents gave Favorite Son, Michael McCready votes necessary to win a narrow 250 vote Republican Primary for State  Representative of the 40th district which includes both Bloomfield City and Township, Birmingham, and West Bloomfield.

In November City of Bloomfield Hills residents again voted for McCready overwhelmingly. So did Birmingham and  Bloomfield Township, In quite a few precincts.McCready ran ahead of the National Republican ticket. in staunchly Republican areas.

Of note to  City of Bloomfield Hills residents: In a hotly contested  School Board on election  day so cold  that three of the campaigns did not venture out of doors, two candidates  (that of eventual winner Rob Herner and savvy challenger Joan Berndt) joined State Candidate McCready with signs, banners, and bodies at City of Bloomfield  Precinct 1 when the doors opened  at  7 am  on Election Day.

In addition to voting  residents participated in  the community by seeking office in numbers that on a per
capita  basis greatly exceed  those of their numbers in the Township; In the City there is but one office a resident can seek and that is City Commission. All others are appointed .In the Spring of 2012 five candidness out of registered voter population  of  3500 sought the two available seats on City Commission. In the Township with 40,000 registered votes the seven members of  the Board of Trustees ran unopposed.

In the fall of 2011, when a vacancy occurred on the Bloomfield Hills School Board ten individuals applied for the appointed position. In the fall of 2012 when a similar vacancy occurred on the our City Commission nine individuals applied.

Residents also signed up for the City's newsletter and  read this blog increasing numbers. In terms of  the latter our highest visitor day in 2012 was November 5th the day before the the National Election..

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