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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mr. McCready goes to Lansing.

There he will represent Birmingham,The City of Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, and the eastern half of West Bloomfield in the 97th State Legislature.

Inauguration Day in Washington DC is usually cold and blustery.  January 9th 2013 weather in Lansing Michigan did it's best to offer wind and chill   for the call to duty and swearing in ceremonies for the 97th State Legislature.

Michael McCready  as rookie State Representative was last on the "nice office" pecking order but family members and friends who traveled to Lansing for  his swearing in  ceremony were most impressed by the suite assigned to McCready and his staff. It is a long office with large cubicles for aides  Jami Des Chenes and Jason Lachowski. McCready's office is of executive stature  with a stunning view of the State Capitol.

Fellow freshman representatives, Martin Howlelak (Troy), and Klint Kesto (Western West Bloomfield and Commerce Township) are on either side of McCready in similar office suites.
The state has pretty much kept the Oakland County contingent together.

Michigan, it seems, takes it's Government seriously. If McCready's office is pretty snazzy, the State Capitol is top drawer. Ceiling panels in the Legislative chamber are glass with state seals  engraved  on them. Below is the capitol dome looking up  from the very bottom.

Below a view from the visitors gallery.

McCready (bottom left) voting with the majority 
on a "roll call" vote  as opposed to a voice vote. A "roll call" where no names are actually called,  is tallied electronically and posted on the "big screen". What you are looking at is only the second half of a very big screen . 

A guide taking a class of young students  through the Capitol explained to the kids that the day was very special day.
"We normally don't have parties or eat meals in the hallways but today is different." she explained. "A new State Legislature has just been sworn in and today is their very first day on the job.". That probably didn't sound particularly exciting to the kids. Not like the last day of school. excitement. Maybe that is why a woman at the reception was having a problem. interesting her  kids in  possibly writing a paper for school about the big day at the Capitol. For adults however there is nothing grander than a great beginning.

Official Photo of the Oath of Office. Courtesy of the House of Representatives. Right to Left  State Representative Michael McCready, Mrs.Yvonne McCready, and  daughters Louise, and Madison. Far left administering the oath is Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley.

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