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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What was in 2012 and what will be in 2013 in the City of Bloomfield Hills. First in a series.

The January thaw  has come and gone but the next winter storm has yet to arrive. It is freezing cold outside but the grass is green. Almost all the exterior Christmas decorations are gone but a few still twinkle at night.

What a perfect time to review 2012 (gone but not forgotten ) and to anticipate the challenges  and issues of 2013 ! We will do both in a series of January posts entitled 2012 a Look  Back  and  Issues 2013.

Of  note,  on a  national and international  level, is is the curious juncture of the second year of a decade and the third which in the last 80 years has witnessed a number events with profound historical impact.

  • 1932: August  Bloomfield Hills Village became a City.. That same year Adolf  Hitler, originally born in Austria became a German Citizen. 
  • 1933 January: Franklin Roosevelt became President of the United State, and in the same month  Adolph Hitler would legally, per the constitution of the Wiemar Republic, become  Chancellor of Germany.
  • 1943.February.  The Germans  would surrender at Stalingrad a defeat the Wehrmacht,  which looked invincible the autumn  previous,  would never recover from. Present  at that battle was one Nikita  Kruschev, an aide to Russian Premier Josef Stalin . Kruschev an astute politician signed out for Stalingrad  figuring correctly that the battlefield would be safer at that than the Kremlin. 
  • 1962 October: Russian Premier Kruschev would go eye to eye  with President Kennedy (A World War II naval hero) over offensive missiles placed in Cuba. While many on both sides urged war (possibly tactically  nuclear)  the wartime experiences of both leaders is believed to have played a hand in adverting war and arriving at a peaceful resolution. 
  •  1972  November : Richard Nixon was re-elected  President by one of the largest landslides ever. A "third rate " break of Democratic Headquarters that  Nixon sanctioned prior to the election, and then covered  up was his undoing. In less than two years, he would  resign before impeachment. 
  • 1992 November: Another President Bill Clinton who would go on to be impeached, but did not resign was first elected. 
  • 2003 January : In the State of the Union Address President Bush  announced he was ready to attack Iraq without  a UN Mandate.
It is said that Chinese have a curse which is "May you live interesting times." 

At the City of Bloomfield Hills Blog it is our wish that we can provide you with information and entertainment during  less interesting times.

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