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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

City Hall uses City website to shill for "Yes" vote on single waste hauler.

City Manager Jay Cravens  in his  September 30th letter to residents  said the, "There is an information page on the City's website  listing various services  offered by each waste hauler and their costs which  you may wish to review in making your decision. Visit our website at ".

We visited it yesterday as part of our morning constitutional on the world wide web. On the front page directly below the picture which changes frequently we  found two boxes. The one on the left says Building Department and clicking on it takes you to the building department. The box on the right says Single Waste Hauler. 

Clicking on that produces not one but two linked pages that are both titled Single Waste Hauler Information. Doing so produces  eight documents or letters. If you are counting Six support the City's point of view. Two are neutral  information pieces.   All would be of value  if  City residents were, from the beginning, part of the discussion. There is a pro and con side to every argument and to make a wise decision it   helps to know both. 

One of the documents is appears twice. It is a Hubbel Roth etter dated September 18th 2008.City Manager Cravens quoted  from it in his letter to the residents It says that garbage truck destroy roads, So do many things and garbage trucks are not the only heavy trucksdestroying our roads.  

City  Manager Craven's proposal to City Commission, however calls for more  Garbage  and recycle trucks  by a factor of 2x  and the addition  of cube vans to maintain services residents now enjoy.
 Two other documents are pdf files on the complete single waste haulmg  systems of Bloomfield Township and  Rochester Hills. Mr. Cravens borrowed heavily from these communities in preparing his proposal for  the City. In the township (Population 41,000)  a single waste hauler picks up trash  five days a week and in Rochester Hills (Population 71,000) it is a four days a week pick up.. With four waste haulers our City picks up on Monday. Tuesday and Thursday with considerably less  and smaller vehicles. (Source: City Matrix of Service).

On the City website there is also an opinion editorial to the Ann Arbor News from  August of 2005 which argues the advantages of a regional waste hauler. 
The reason why all the pieces on  the City web site a= are old is because they were considered for the  2010 Public hearing on a single waste hauler for the City. In that year the choice which City Commission rejected was either a true single hauler replacing many. This year's proposed  however is of a yet unnamed waste hauler comes with  the baggage of  28 pages of rules, regulations, and even subcontractor hires City residents must abide by.

The regional  waste hauler discussed in the Ann Arbor article is an interesting concept that has  not been widely discussed in our part of  Oakland County.

 The last is a letter from  Diane Holden  who is Director of  Transportation for  Bloomfield Hills Schools. She is a very interesting woman with  very interesting job.  She was in management, drove a school bus to help out, before quickly being promoted to running transportation for the district.  We called and asked if anyone in our City Hall had replied to her letter either in writing or by phone. She said she couldn't remember because about that time, back then October 15 2009.  she had just started at Director BHS Transportation Director.

We learned a lot about  how the BHS transportation serves a  extensive variety of communities and schools.   This publication wondered  if school busses which arrive and depart at definite times couldn't be separated from commercial vehicles which by current ordinance arrive no earlier than  7 am and could be with proper planning and perhaps a new ordinance be   pushed back to 
say 9:15 am when  all school busses had left the scene. This would be most critical in the months of when day daylight savings is not observed.

We will tell you more about that and the rather remarkable BHS transportation system in a future post.

The remaining  items the City posts on its website  include a Matrix of services and a Comparison  of waste hauler rates a and services in other communities  are of  use to the  November 4 Voter. They are accurate and relatively impartial . We will cover them both separately in future posts. By clicking on the title below  the featured post will appear as it does on the City website.

Single Waste Hauler Information

Matrix of Services / Fees from Waste Haulers currently licensed to provide service in the City of Bloomfield Hills.

Comparison of Single Waste Hauler Rates & Services for Nearby Communities

Hubbell, Roth & Clark Correspondence  - Road Deterioration due to Heavy Vehicles  

Additional Resources related to the Single Waste Hauler Discussion

Single Municipal Waste Hauler Information

Below are links to documents that provide more information on a single municipal waste hauler.

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