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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Comcast renewal more fraught than thought. Comcast says 60 Days. City Says Month by Month. Ulterior motive suggested.

City Manager Cravens laid it out rather succinctly for City Commission at last Tuesdays meeting. Comcast wants to merge with Time Warner. Many feel that would make the Cable giant too big.So Comcast sees the need to divest and jettison assets so the merger will go through. Those assets are not in the lucrative markets of the east or west coast. They are in the Midwest. There is a concern that Comcast may  for our region set up a shadow company as a divestment. The company suggested  for our area  carries a large debt load. Our City officials are concerned  that as result  we will get less services at a higher cost. Our reply to  Comcast is maintain the agreement now in place and in effect since 1999  and we will continue as Comcast    
subscribers, on a month  by  month basis. Comcast says it is giving the City two months to "think about it."

If the whole thing smacks of someone you dated briefly in college you are probably right.

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