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Thursday, October 16, 2014

From the City website The City's first venture into electronic Journalism features 2010 Waste Hauler Public Hearing.

January/February 2010

Welcome to the first online edition of the Bloomfield Hills Newsletter!

January February 2010, Welcome to the first online edition of the ...

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On January 12th, the City Commission held a public hearing to seek residents input on a proposal to have a single waste hauler provide pick up services to all residential properties. This proposal was brought forward out of concern about the wear and tear the City’s local roads experience from waste hauling trucks.
In 2006, the City Commission asked city engineers at Hubbell, Roth and Clark to develop a long-term plan to repair and / or reconstruct the deteriorating local roads. The plan also cited concern about the toll heavy trucks had on our local roads. Later that year, the City Commission adopted the Road Improvement Plan, an ambitious 10-year $10 million repair and reconstruction program.
In the fall of 2009, the City Commission once again began discussing the feasibility of having a single waste hauler for the City. City Commissioners reviewed studies and comments about single waste haulers and eventually placed these materials on the City’s website, so residents could review them.
The public hearing drew a sizeable crowd by Bloomfield Hill’s standards. Approximately 60 persons attended. A majority of the residents expressed strong opinions favoring the current system where the resident privately contracts for their own service. Many residents questioned the need for a single waste hauler, citing that no matter who does the service there would be heavy trucks providing service. Many residents also indicated loyalty to their current provider because of the high level of service provided to them.
A few residents were in favor a single waste hauler. They felt a single hauler would help improve their neighborhood’s appearance by reducing the time in which a trash cart stood out by the roadside. Other cited increased opportunities for waste recycling.
Following the public hearing, the City Commission voted to keep the existing waste hauling system in place. The City will review their current regulations on waste haulers. New regulations limiting the weight of waste hauling trucks will be explored. Increased opportunities for recycling will also be investigated.

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