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Monday, April 18, 2016

Comcast /Infinity Watchathon Week is set for APRIL 18TH through Sunday April 24th 2016.

The  Return of WATCHATHON  Begins at Midnight

. This will be the fourth watchathon which justifiably bills its self as the biggest event in television. Over the years however the date has shifted from late march/ early April to mid month in April. If you are consulting the internet  for more  Watchathon info or reviews  be sure the entry you are reading  is current and refers to the 2016 Watchathon April 18th-24th. Otherwise you might think you have missed it which would be devastating.

Comcast/Infinity is the the only Cable Provider in the City of Bloomfield Hills, So if you have a Cable TV hook up in the City  you have the capability for a  defacto Watchathon (with a few exeptions) whenever you want. The exceptions are pay channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz,  Cinemax and others. During the Watchaton those subscription channels will be available to Comcast subscribers free of charge. Those entertainment options may appear as un blocked items on  the cable box or the TV.
If you don't watch cable TV but have Comcast for your High Speed internet  You may be able to enjoy the Watchathon by using a  free Infinity on demand app on Your tablet or computer. To do so you will need your Comcast high speed internet passwords to connect. 
The Comcast app checks your bonafides and connects you where  ever wifi is available virtually nation wide.

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