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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Logan's Run at age 40 and the more intelligent options of Today's Boomer Summit..

Forty years ago the big and much talked  about movie at  a poor but humble military  base near the Fulda Gap in West Germany was Logan's Run. Logan was a Sandman whose job it was to track down and catch runners.  Logan lived in the  23 Century where aside from the ever busy sandmen, life was one of  youth, perpetual  amusement, and leisure before the tell tale crystal in the palm of one's hand began flashing at age 30. That meant you were then too old for the world of Logan and your only options were to take your chances on the Carousel which offered a dubious  promise  of a renewed life or to run. Escape the Sandmen, and chance life in an unprotected, unknown world referred to as "outside". Logan's claim to fame is that in a society where Sandmen never run, he runs.

Today Medical Science has given those of us nearing or crossing the threshold of retirement  30, 40, or maybe even more years relative leisure undreamed of  four decades ago. Looking for a blue print ? Try today's half day  Boomer Summit sponsored in Part by the Baldwin Library.

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