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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Comcast Watchathon Day 2 4/19/2016

The Watchathon as promised started promptly on at the stroke of Midnight on Sunday April  17th. Regrettably in the euphoria of the moment there  were a couple of things  we neglected to tell you. 
The First is that not everything is available  all at once on Watchathon.  A little  orange key beneath the program icon on  tablets from  Amazon or Apple  indicates what is available for watching now.
Clicking on a keyed  not as yet available program will produce the prompt "available to subscribers only." 
Before you conclude that the Watchathon is a crock consider the wise advice of not looking a gift horse  in the mouth. meaning the Watchathon provides plenty free content to satisfy anyone willing to look for it.
 Examples include 311 movies from Cinemax including 
Heaven Help Us  a little gem gem I completely missed in the theater, video stores, or  the multitude of movie channels that cropped up on cable  and  over the air sub channels since the arrival of High definition channel splits. The Language is not appropriate for 2016 but pitch perfect for  1965 the year in which the movie is  set.  Then every word said in the vocabulary of  students at  an all boys Catholic High School  seemed to begin  appropriately enough with the letter "F". Fail, Flunk, Flame out and Forgetaboutit all come readily to mind.

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