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Thursday, September 1, 2011

72 Years Ago Today.

Radio Warsaw Reporting....

This second film is a partial re-enactment for the sake of dramatization. I chose it because it lists all  the battles the Poles pitched against the Germans and then the Russians. The Molotov-Ribbentrop Russian  German non aggression pact of August 23 1939 was the green light for Hitler to invade Poland virtually risk free. The Russian Army invading from the East, and  entering  the fray late, was  the knife in the back of Polish Resistance. Hitler with the most powerful army in the world could not fight a two front war and neither could Poland. The film is three minutes long.

The last video is truly remarkable.It shows a devastated Warsaw in the  early days of the German occupation (1939-1940). A street scene ,or a famous landmark  is shown from 1939-40. Then film stock switches from black and white to color as the same street or landmark is viewed today. If you know Warsaw keep your hand by the pause button. My knowledge of Warsaw comes from  a seven day visit 40 years  ago but I recognized many scenes. Including a detailed trip down the
Nowy Swiat (New World). It was and  still is Warsaw's most famous boulevard. In fact I got a jaywalking ticket there. If you visit Poland do not make mistake of missing Warsaw. Even if your Polish friends tell you otherwise! Warsaw, as a city, whether you regard it as good, bad, or indifferent, is the soul of Poland.

My Father had a vivid memory of September 1 1939. He just started college in Eugene Oregon, and he was at party. He and a girl left the party to sit in probably the 1937 Pontiac my grandmother, a single mother bought him for his 16th Birthday.Florence, as my mother called her,  was a very good waitress and a frugal woman who saved with certain exceptions, everything.  In search of music, My father turned on the radio, and ran into the news about the Second World War starting.  Dear God, he thought to himself, I hope this war won't effect me. No such luck. It did.

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