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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Support the Home Team and Save with Lahser Card !

Home Team
With the exception of Cranbrook, there are no high schools in the City of Bloomfield Hills. Lahser High School on Lahser Road lies on the Township side of the street. but  along with Cranbrook has the loyalty of City residents. Lahser's colors Black and Gold, are the same as the City's official colors. Rule of thumb if the street signs are Black and Gold  you are in Lahser Land . If the street signs are green  you must be in the Township. Andover High School Lahser's arch rival lies west of Telegraph and is thus frimly in Bloomfield  Township.  
Lahser Card
 The always popular Lahser card is not sold in stores or by pushy parents in the work place. It is sold by the Lahser football players  wearing jerseys  who go  door to door. If you see them coming don't grab a five dollar bill. It's not 1964 anymore. A ten won't do it  either. The Lahser card costs $20.00 but the purchase can and often does pay for itself. How about an "on going use" 20%  off coupon, good until July 30th 2012 at the Moose Preserve ? How about $10 dollars off your next purchase of $50 At Dick's Sporting Goods valid through December 31st 2012 ? How about  10% of a Dog or Cat Spa Works with Full Service Groom or Bath at Petco   Valid through 12/12/31 ? How about 15% off an online order at Sports Authority valid Through 12/12/31? How about Pizza, TCBY, Leo's Coney Island, Fuddruckers,   Quizno's, City Deli, or Square Lake Deli discounts ? You can do your Christmas Shopping for two Christmas' or get discounted eats for 15 monthes or more with a Lahser Card. But wait there is more! Like  ongoing     20 %  Discount on Martinizing Dry Cleanings or Woodward Camera photo processing purchases. As with all coupons some conditions and exclusions apply but by knowing  the rules and carrying  the card,  topping $20 in savings for very good cause  shouldn't be difficult. With 15 months  expiration  dates time on most offers it won't be time  consuming either..If I recall correctly in another time and place (1964 sounds about right) the high school marching band sold fruit cakes.Seven to ten  bucks, I think. My parents and I hated fruit cake but we would have bought one to support the band  except for the fact that there was no delivery. You had to line up at he high school on a cold night in December to claim your cake. My parents said thanks but no thanks. The Lahser card is so totally with today's life style it deserves a prize. If the football players didn't come to you or came when you weren't home, call Lahser High School  at  (248) 341-5700 and say "I want my Lahser Card. How do I get one ?" We promise they won't say you have to line up at high school.

The Lahser Knights are as of this writing are undefeated and 2-0. This week they travel to Seaholm. Word on the street says the Knights secondary will be tested. If you want  to go but are hesitant because you haven't been custom fitted with the proper wearing apparel, the CVS Pharmacy on the southeast side of Square Lake and Woodward  offers an  outstanding collection of Lahser fan  paraphernalia,. There are  Lahser Knight tee shirts, baseball caps,  pullover rain ponchos with hoods, and miniature teddy bears wearing mini tee shirts that say "Lahser." If you don't mind (only in a pinch of course) off the rack this is an easy in and out solution at very reasonable prices. In fact if you know someone in a similar need in another part  of town their local CVS may offer the same thing for Birmingham or Grosse Pointe or that Andover. Good Luck and Go Knights !

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