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Friday, September 9, 2011

rainy day at endicott lake

High Tide at Endicott Lake
My wife has been to Endicott Lake. As with all things Bloomfield Hills, she looked a house there once. The Realtor Lady she was with. said there used to be a farm there. As far as my wife was concerned the lake was good for washing cows and sheep but that was about it. No swimming. "Swampy little thing, " she said.  I said she hadn't seen it recently.Now it looked like a raging river ready for kayaking or white water rafting.I suppose if you lived there you would see it change all year round  which would be pretty exciting. The wife also supposed and asked how I got to Endicott Lake which  by tone she implied might have been the surface of the moon. I said I went to Manresa to see if I could find the cell tower they tried to make look like a pine tree. In the minute and a half I had allocated for the task, I couldn't. Manreasa is a place of prayer and  very nice Your supposed to sign it at the office. I didn't and of course felt guilty about subjecting them to the fossil fuel fumes of the idly curious. Anyway when you exit you have to go right on Quarton . So I did. Then I went right on another street and came to Chesterfield. "Chesterfield takes you to Endicott Lake ?"  The wife said slightly surprised, indicating that it had it had been a long time since she had been to the moon. I said it did sort of. There was a one lane bridge that runs right over the roaring rapids. It was raining cats and  dogs and I saw a lady walking  her dog. She was wearing bright colors. Yellow and orange. Excellent dog walking colors on a colorless  monsoon of a day. The hat looked like a Paddington Bear hat. Practical for wet weather or exploring darkest Peru. The wife supposed but did not look up from what  she was reading.

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