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Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Wedding in The City of Bloomfield Hills.

 Usually you have to drag me kicking and screaming to a wedding. If I cry at weddings  it's because of all the other things I'd rather being doing. For me to visit a wedding website in most unusual and I'm still trying to figure out what prompted me. Sure I was looking for something else but why would  I interrupt that noble pursuit for wedding pictures of people I didn't know. Maybe because it said "Jenny and Denny's Bloomfield Hills Wedding". Maybe because I see Dean and Dawn and "Ding Dong" pops in my infantile brain. I clicked and the pictures were very good. Jenny and Denny were married on July 26th in the Chapel of St. Hugo's of Hills. With apologies to Dean and Dawn that rang a bell. My wife and I were married in the very same Chapel on July 16th 1989. I think we were the middle Two Pm wedding for that Saturday. I think that because the shoe repair place closes for lunch and I had some shoes that needed repair. I was going to drop them off on my way to church but my wife be said absolutely not.  She reminded me  (but I  hadn't forgotten) that we were getting married in one hour and fifteen minutes. Yeah it was around 12:45.The shoe repair guy would be back from lunch  and sometimes if it's not crowded they'll do the shoes while you wait. I'd make two o'clock with time to spare.The look  in wife's eye told me I was going nowhere except to the altar. After that, as she suggested I focused on the task at hand. Boy did I focus. I really don't recall much our surroundings that day. My back was to the audience I never looked. The only thing that I do remember vividly is walking out of church and the band striking up  Vivaldi's  Spring from the Four Seasons. I thought that was very well choreographed and I told my wife. She then told me it was a not a band but a string quartet and we had been discussing the music portion of the program for weeks on end. I don't remember that either. I do tend to tune somethings out.

The pictures taken in the church at Jenny and Denny's wedding blew me away. The photographer a Merek Dziekonski who can be reached at www.Marek.Com is a master. If I were a Match Maker I'd introduce him to the  photographer Lady who does the Paris Blog. They say a good photographer never lets you know what lens he is using and that wide angles (which do distort and can make people look fat) don't belong at at a wedding. Those rules are written for us amateurs. Merek is not just a good photographer, he is a professional photographer with a lot of talent. In many of the church pictures there is curvature which actually enhances the picture. Look at picture in the choir loft. Look at the roof of the kitchen where all the ladies are getting ready. My guess is that Merek is not popping off with 17 mm f 2.8 rectilinear wide angle (I do that). If he is tilting the camera up  (which I do usually with disasterous  results) he is in total control. He certainally isn't using a fish eye. Maybe he is using a medium format film or digital camera which has a  whole  different sort lens rules. What ever it is it works and it's beautiful. To see Merek's work and Jenny and Denny's Wedding  just click on the link five words back.
 I haven't shown the pictures to my wife yet. We are both miffed that we didn't have a video of our wedding take. In 1989 we asked oursleves if that would be something we would want to watch in twenty years. We didn't think so. We were wrong and we will know better for our 25th vow renew or whatever you do at 25. You know they changed the all gifts. Like it used to be paper, or linen or silver. Now the gifts are more relevant to the  modern era.  I can't recall if  25 years of marriage gets you  a 3D TV  or the successor to Play Station 3. Maybe I should pay more attention. It seems I see alot things everday that I never really see.

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