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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

End of Summer Serenade: 24 hours in Paris in Seven Minutes. Then it Snows.

,The first glitch in our End of Summer Serenade World Tour ! I can't bring Paris in all it's splendor to you. Instead  you have to go to it. Just click on Paris Through My Lens. The link is also to your immediate right under the Oakland Press Box. I just put  a copy of the link here so you wouldn't have to reach. One time only . Next time you are on your own.I should also tell you that the pictures are not through my lens. They are through the lens of a lady named Virgina's who has her own blog which I link you to.She fell in love with Paris and when you see her pictures you will too.If truth be told,  she is a better photographer and blogger than I am. For  our readers who think they might like to try blogging at home, all the cities we visited are written on the same Google Blogger program. It is made available by Google free of charge to those who register.Registration requires you to submit your e-mail address and to create a password. That is all. There are no $400 super duper computer programs here. The basic Blogger, no charge down load, produced the Brooklyn Heights Blog, the Cairnsblog, the Paris through my lens blog and the one you are now reading.

                  Click on the red type link above.

And Finally

Obviously this concludes our "End of Summer Serenade". We've visited three cities on three continents and via  photographic memories we can take part of them home with us. Perhaps  in anticipation of future visits or trips to other destinations. One wonders if  there might be things in the City of Bloomfield Hills that  we never see ,because we see every them everyday.That brings us to a wedding in the City of Bloomfield Hills which like most things I found on the Internet while looking for something else.

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