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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Troy Library Looks Forward to a Long Future

The City of Troy Michigan and the Troy Public Library are alive and well. The City of the future, has today, a future. Yesterday, August 2nd 2011 the Troy Library millage  passed by a vote of 12, 246 to 8799.  21045 people  or roughly a quarter of the city of Troy went to the polls. From the first returns the election was never in doubt.  The "58%  Yes to 42%  No" margin was  a landslide. 

Troy residents at ran a brilliant  campaign  that used creativity, and ingenuity to combat a sometimes nasty and often misleading politically charged opposition.

  The Detroit News  urged a no vote. Why ?  "Voters have already been asked twice for similar millages and rejected them. It's unfair to keep asking the same question." Maybe they the should tell that to the News telemarketers who call repeatedly with the same old offers. State law makes voluntary support for a public library  complicated.

The Troy Citizens United while stressing  their support of the Library asked  for a No vote saying  no millage was necessary because the money could be found elsewhere in the city's bloated budget.  This fairly tale surfaces frequently in Troy where Big Beaver is thought to be paved with gold. Even if there was some truth in it, no  mysterious  "money for library" funds have ever been found after a millage defeat.

SaveTroy  responded with an intelligent professionally polished campaign that asked residents to think and consider.  The above commercial drew international attention including the link from London England. On election day  in the City of Troy thought and consideration won in a landslide over the other alternatives. That is good news for all of us where ever we may happen to be.

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