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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Future of the Troy Library Decided Today

Polls open 7am to  8pm. A No vote closes the library Friday. A Yes vote keeps the library open.

Homer, the famous Greek poet wrote an  epic poem about  a ten year war that resulted in destruction of a city in Asia Minor called Troy. His work called The Illiad, probably was what the gave the City of Troy in Oakland  County it's name. It also gave us many other expressions like Trojan Horse, Achilles Heel. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts, and the face that launched a thousnd ships.

The City of  Troy likes to call itself   "The City of Tomorrow"...Today. If what is happening in Troy today is our future  I shudder to think of it. Thomas Wolfe, the author of You Can't Go Home Again, and Look Homeward Angel wrote that "Single selfishness and compulsive greed" would be our downfall. That is what  is   happening   in Troy. There is a leadership problem and  those who should lead decline to  or  are choosing to add fuel to the fire. Groups  that claim to represent the residents publish lists of presumably over paid city employees and say there is no need to pass a millage because there are millions of dollars in "saving costs" for  the city just waiting to be found.. The "No" vote requested by such groups  is a "Trojan Horse". The only way for the library to continue is for the millage to pass. If it fails nobody will asking what money if "found" might be possibly used to restore the library. The  City Council doesn't care . The allegedly  overpaid officials don't care.. The  information allegedly "being withheld until after the election"  will never revealed because what would be the point ? As in all confrontations where such pettiness and divisiveness dominate there are no winners.  Just losers and the people lose the most.

 As recently as five years ago , in 2006 the  Troy Library was voted in the top ten nationally.  Despite budget cuts, staff cuts, and reduced hours, the  facility in many  respects it has no equal in Oakland County. Unlike the Baldwin Library in Birmingham, the Troy Public Library is not cramped and there is plenty of front door parking. The Friends Gift shop is three times that of the a Bloomfield Township Library Gift Shop and The Cup at Chaucer Cafe in Troy easily out does Bloomfield Township's slightly out of the way, tables by vending machines cafe. The Troy Library's collection of  foriegn films shelved  by country will probably never be equalled. What should be a source of pride for the City and the Citizens of Troy  has become thanks the single selfishness and compulsive greed of city officials and  quarrelling citizens groups a  resource to be squander.

Author's Troy Library Card.
Why are you reading  this in a blog titled The City of Bloomfield Hills ? Why should this writer, a resident of the above mentioned city care ? Don't under estimate yourself, Troy. The whole world is watching.Maybe only a smattering internationally. Much more nationally where the closing of libraries, newspapers, and even bookstores is followed quite closely. You can read it on web. Right now you can read almost everything on the web. Will that always be the case ? Or as other avenues of information close will the web become  more expensive and restrictive ? Already we live a "broad band age." If you don't don't have access a computer or have email your chances of finding a job becomes much more difficult. For some the local library is their only source of computing  and only a library is willing to teach you the basics necessary to compute.

I also have a personal interest in the Troy Library. Thanks to my city and The Troy  library, I have had a Troy library card since 2003.  The Troy Public Library has  many friends in the City of Bloomfield Hills.

Today I hope the  Troy voters give the Library the money it needs too stay open.  Many libraries are closing or restricting non resident access.   If it stays open, The Troy Library with it convenient location and easy freeway access could draw support and the necessary monies from other communities countywide. The library is too important of resource to allow petty squabbles to shut it's doors.

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