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Friday, August 19, 2011

Welcome Dream Cruisers and Auto Enthusiasts !

 It’s been a year since we have seen some of you. Returning visitors know  that the City of Bloomfield Hills offers unique opportunities for spectators and drivers alike. Our City is not Dream Cruise Grand Central. That would be 13 and Woodward in Royal Oak or perhaps the start or the finish in Ferndale or Pontiac. Berkley kicks off  Dream Cruise activities  tonight. Birmingham offers cruise events, restaurants, and stores all in close proximity.

What does the City of Bloomfield Hills Offer Spectators?
The City of Bloomfield Hills offers is an unparalleled viewing opportunity along a 2.5 mile stretch of Woodward Avenue.  That’s actually five miles of viewing if you count both sides of the street. With very few exceptions most of that stretch is office buildings  which means plenty of Woodward Avenue ” behind the building parking.”  Some lots or church’s may want you pay but rates should be reasonable because of you are  far from everything else.  Some offices may be having private curbside parties. There is however still plenty front row/road seats available to those who bring lawn chairs. If seeing or photographing classic cars is your desire the City of Bloomfield Hills is the place to be.
What does the City of Bloomfield Hills Offer Cruisers?
The only gas station on Woodward north of Quarton-Big Beaver-16 mile Road and South of Square Lake (19 Mile Rd.). It’s the Mobil on the Northeast Corner of Long Lake and Woodward.

Essentially unimpeded cruising without the multitudes crossing in front of you willy nilly .

Cruising before a knowledgeable fan base.  City of Bloomfield Hills residents know and love their cars. Some collect them. Some restore them. Some just enjoy them. It has been this writer’s pleasure to drive cars from all the American manufactures  since Studebaker.  When I worked for American Motors I drove everything from Javelin’s, Levi Gremlins, Hornet Hatchbacks the legendary Pacer and The Oleg Cassini Matador. My 1977 Ford LTD II lasted from 47,000 miles to 148,000. My  1998  Oldsmobile 88 LSS topped  127 ,000 miles. Currently I have a Chrysler 300 with a Hemi multi valve displacement which alternates between a four cylinder and eightcylinder engine. My all-time favorite car story is the one about the man who complained that his Hornet vibrated at speeds approaching 110 miles an hour. The salesman said it wasn’t vibrations the man was hearing or feeling. It was the voice of God talking to him.
Other Near By Attractions.
440 Cranbrook Road
And  when you tire  of cars, cars, and still more cars? Relief is just a flip of the turn signal away. 

Heading South on Woodward just past Long Lake you go up a hill and at the top on your right is the entrance to Cranbrook. What looks like a space age toll booth/gate is nothing but a decoration. Just drive right on in.  You can tour the grounds by car or on foot. For a different perspective avoid the main gate and turn right on Cranbrook Road. It’s the first street after you pass the main gate. You’ll go down and then up before passing Christ Church Cranbrook and the Dustan theatre before coming to the gate pictured to the right.  For future visits the science and art museums are top attractions.

Going North just past Long Lake and You'll see  to Opdyke Road  which comes in at an angle. Veer  right on to Opdyke and a two minute drive takes you to St. Hugo's of the Hills. It's a mini campus with Pond, fountain, chapel,  a huge church, school, and clarion tower. The Chapel is a popular place to get married  and around noon or two pm you might find a wedding in progress, completely oblivious to the roar of engines a quarter of a mile away.

The City of Bloomfield Hills is a special dream cruise attraction and your 2.5 mile cruise on Woodward will take diagonally across the 2 mile by 2.5 miles rectangle that is the city.

 For live Dream Cruise coverage as close as your computer  screen click on the Oakland Press Box midway down the right side of this page.,

 For a  print listing of  the many  attractions in other communities please click on the links provided in red below. (Oakland Press/Macomb Daily)
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