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Saturday, August 6, 2011

News Your Might have Missed: Former City Mayor Ben Hoffiz Dies

Mayor Benjamin T. Hoffiz
February 21 1928 to January 30th 2011
Former two time mayor of Bloomfield Hills, Benjamin T. Hoffiz died on January 30th 2011. Mayor Hoffiz  served on the planning commission from 1979 to 1995. He served as Mayor in 1998-1999 and again in 2003-2004. The minutes of his  2003-2004 administration can be found the city's  website. Our Current Mayor Mayor Michael Zambricki served on both of Mayor Hoffiz 's administrations and was Mayor ProTem in the 2003-3004 term of office.  Rounding out the commission of that year were Rookie Commissioner  and future Mayor Pat Hardy,  and future Mayors John Davey and Dale Dawkins.  2010-2011 Mayor McCready sent his sincere condolences and said, "Ben was a dedicated public servant to the the City of Bloomfield Hills."
 Mayor Hoffiz was a graduate of Northern High school and Wayne State University. He was a  also World  War II veteran, an attorney, and dedicated family man who's marriage approached 60 years before his passing.

Of historical note, in  the era of Mayor Hoffiz's second term, the computer was just coming into wide spread usage in the work  place. The first  minutes to appear on the city website are the ones from 2002-2003. These minutes were the first actually written electronically on computer rather than on paper. The minutes  of  2003-2004  were quite detailed compared  to today's  and provide an interesting  glimpse into the Hoffiz administration and the issues and events the city faced  18 years ago.

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