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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Warm Fuzzy Story about the Troy Library for City of Bloomfield Hills Residents

I tried my hardest to think of a story that would give everyone the warm fuzzies about the Troy Library but this  is the only one I could think of. It happened during my last visit.

The librarian at the counter kept clucking her tongue  and asking "How could something like this happen."

Oh it was easy. It tried to explain but whenever  I started the librarian lady would "cluck" again and look upward as though God  Almighty  might shed some light on the situation. She had my drivers license, library card, and my overdue DVD between us on the counter. The line in back of us was doubling and then quadrupling at  a geometric rate. "Bloomfield Hills " she said without expression fingering the license.. I nodded and said I was one of the people who came over on the boat.  I thought a little levity might help. I was wrong.  "Is Ruth here today, "she asked an adjacent librarian  who  processing cards, scanning numbers of books as fast she  could.. No Ruth was not there that day. "I just don't understand how something like this could happen," my librarian said again.

It was really very simple.  Just as we were  about to leave on vacation, a DVD I had borrowed from the Troy Library that I had forgotten about turned up. It was already four days overdue. I could tell the wife we had to make a mad dash to the Troy Library before going to the Airport but I am not suicidal, and besides I knew what would happen. She would call her  brother who lives in Troy and tell him he had to pick up the DVD and return it to the Troy Library immediately. It had already been four days overdue and soon it would be five and they charged a dollar a day. Then I would never hear the end of it. There had to be other options and I considered them.The movie had escaped me at the Detroit Institute of Arts, stayed only a day or so at the Maple, and would never ever turn up at Block Buster.  To see it in the theatre would be seven dollars at the very least. If  I bought the movie(assuming that I could find it)  that would be $20.00. 
Returning it after vacation seemed like the ideal $14 compromise. If I just returned movie  to the Troy library without watching it I would have been out $4 with nothing to show for it. If you figured the " minus four dollars for nothing factor" my total investment would be ten dollars.They also charge $5 to park  at the DIA. Figure that in and the difference between dumping the movie immediately  and taking on Vacation was $1 That I could afford. I could also watch the movie unlimited times while on vacation.

What I  had not calculated on was librarian who would have my best interests at heart.."You should
 have called," the librarian said. "we might have been able to work something out." When I asked,  she said the $14 was on the high end but not a record. "Would you like me to speak to someone on your behalf ?" I thanked her but declined. I had it all figured out and I made the rules.  Besides  the Troy Library needed the money more than I did. "Bloomfield Hills. " she said again picking up the license and writing some numbers on a check I had just written her. I hope they get the money the need.  They  seem  very nice and it's a pleasure now to  to speak on their behalf.

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