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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ever wonder what the Duties of Bloomfield Hills Public Safety Dispatchers are ?

Ever wonder what the duties are for those chosen to serve you ? When there is an opening it is often published on the City's website. The following appeared in January for Public Safety Communications. The Duties are quite extensive. The 
City and the Public Safety Department hold out for the highest standard. Below are the specifics of the job description.

Duties of Bloomfield Hills Public Safety Dispatchers:

-          Maintain daily log.
-          Maintain current housewatch report.
-          Maintain business emergency contact list.
-          Maintain current alarm statistics for billing.
-          Traffic violation tabulation.
-          Sending alpha-pages.
-          Maintain working knowledge of Dictaphone recording device.
-          Continuous Computer Aided Dispatch training which consists of dispatching police, fire and medical runs via computer as well as working knowledge of C.A.D. mapping system.
-          Continuous training in the daily updates to the C.A.D. system (crime codes, street numbers, new streets).
-          Entry and retrieval of information into the C.L.E.M.I.S. system which includes the following: SOS computer, NCIC computer, NLETS computer, CMIS computer, LEIN computer, entering reports into CLEMIS database, entering impounded and abandoned vehicles, entering stolen vehicles and property, OUIL temporary permits and plates, entering warrants, entering missing persons, school closings, Canadian queries, Criminal history records, sex offender registry, Oakland County Jail Management and many other fields.
-          Working knowledge of building security system (door locks and fire alarms).
-          Prisoner monitoring via closed circuit television as well as intercom system.
-          Answer and effectively communicate with the public through the five incoming phone lines.
-          Answer and have familiarity with the two E-911 incoming lines as well as the E-911 computer system for locating calls and if necessary, transferring to the proper jurisdiction.
-          Effectively utilize building paging system as well as the voice mail system.
-          Dispatch police, fire, and medical runs via the two radio channels assigned to this department.
-          Monitor Bloomfield Twp. radio, Birmingham radio, Inter-city radio and the Troy fire communications network.
-          Responsible for coordinating mutual aide for working fire and police scenes with many surrounding jurisdictions.
-          Responsible for notifying various computer contractors as to updates that need to be made.
-          Answer direct-dial alarm phone.
-          Send and receive information via facsimile
-          Monitor digital alarm receiver for fire and B&E alarms throughout the city.
-          Confirming and making arrangements for pick up on warrants.
-          Compile daily court mail to be transported over.
-          Distribution of mail and copies of reports to the Chief, Det/Sgt. and all other Sgts.

-          Accept all bond money posted for prisoners and then preparing the money to go to the proper Court.-          Responsible for sending copies of reports and fingerprint cards to the Court and Prosecutors.
-          Entry of Repeat Offender License Plates into LEIN and issuance of temporary license plates.
-          Monitor and assist all entrants into the lobby on a 24-hour basis.
-          Issue burning permits.
-          Release impounded vehicles to qualified individuals.
-          Monitor monthly testing of tornado siren.
-          Maintaining current list of Hospice patients, building permits, soliciting permits and dog licenses.
-          Responsible for keeping of the bank of house keys on file.
-          Processing, coping and filing of all paperwork completed by road patrol.
-          Responsible for maintenance of all printers, copier, fax machine and all other office equipment.
-          Running of driving histories for informal hearings on all violations issued by the road patrol.
-          Responsible for notifying personnel off duty personnel of working fire and SRU callouts.
-          Maintaining security of all sensitive documents held by the department and shredding of non-essential documents.
-          Responsible for ordering and maintaining stock of all office supplies.
-          Interact with Detroit Edison, Ameritech, Consumers Energy and Media One.
-          Notification to Oakland County road commission of all non-working signals, road hazards and snow removal.
-          Notifications to DPW personnel of need for snow plowing on a 24-hour basis.
-          Passing along of roll-call information to midnight personnel.
-          Maintain working knowledge of city streets and city landmarks to assist the public with directions.
-          Responsible for training of all new Dispatchers in all of desk functions.
-          Maintain accurate LEIN records for bi-annual audit by the Michigan State Police.
-          Enter paper tickets into mobile dashboard system.         
-          Scan and attach documents to reports.

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