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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Baldwin Library Planning Process, extensive, thorough and open.

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The Library's Strategic Plan

Minutes of Joint Library Board Meeting  and 

all relevant documents for those meetings 

March 2012- December-2013

as published on the
The Library's web site and reproduced here in reverse 

chronological order.

These documents can be accessed by clicking on them.

JLBC Meeting Minutes March 2012 to December 2013

To accees minutes of any meeting of the JLBC click on them

Strategic Plan

BALDWIN PUBLIC LIBRARY: 2011-2013 Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

The Baldwin Public Library enriches Birmingham and participating communities by providing opportunities and resources for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to learn, connect and discover.

Long Term Vision

The Baldwin Public Library will be an essential resource for the community and its first choice for accessing the world’s knowledge.

Three Year Vision

By 2013 we plan to accomplish the following:
  •   Balance the budget by reducing operating costs and maintaining an adequate flow of revenue.
  •   Maintain and improve the user experience in a difficult economic climate.
  •   Strengthen existing community partnerships and develop new ones.
  •   Utilize technology to meet user needs and aid in the delivery of library services.

Core Values

We are committed to:
  • Intellectual Freedom: Providing unfettered access to all points of view.
  • Equitable and Inclusive Access: Offering a wide variety of diverse resources for all ages.
  • Education and Learning: Empowering individuals personally and professionally by facilitating the acquisition of credible and viable information.
  • Innovation: Anticipating changing customer needs with creative, relevant and timely services.
  • Welcoming Environment: Ensuring a respectful and safe atmosphere.
  • Integrity: Demonstrating responsible stewardship, transparency, ethical behavior and honesty.
  • Partnerships: Meeting community needs through external collaborations and internal teamwork.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Delivering quality services with pride in all we do.

Strategic Goals

Services and Programs—Focus on fresh, dynamic services and programs that meet Library users’ changing needs.
Marketing and Public Relations—Improve marketing tools to ensure that the community is more aware of what the Baldwin Library has to offer and comes to view the Library as its first choice for accessing the world’s knowledge.
Financial Stability—Develop and implement a solid financial plan that maximizes existing resources and actively pursues cost efficiencies and additional revenue streams.
Personnel and Organization—Provide the most effective governing framework, and maintain a flexible, efficiently organized management structure staffed by multi-talented professionals with active support from well-trained volunteers.

Community Relationships and Partnerships—Strengthen relationships with stakeholders and expand partnership opportunities with community organizations for everyone’s mutual benefit.

Facilities and Technology—Adapt the existing facility for more flexible use and employ technology more effectively in order to improve internal operating efficiency and better serve Library patrons.

Adopted by the Baldwin Public Library Board on October 18, 2010
Download the Strategic Plan brochure by clicking here.

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