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Friday, January 31, 2014

Public Safety Dispatch Officer Robert Ishmael, in an emergency situation, handles 113 calls in a 40 minutes.

 On July 12th 2013 Chief David Henderson wrote:

Dispatcher Ishmael, Sgt Szuber has brought to my attention your commendable work on  6-27-2013. On that day the City of Bloomfield Hills was struck by a large and powerful thunderstorm. During this time BHDPS personnel responded to two separate incidences of of trees falling on vehicles at the same time. One vehicle was hit at Long Lake and Kensington and the other being on Woodward near Statford Place. Both occurred during heavy rush hour  traffic conditions. During this time the Dispatch center received 44-911 emergency calls and 69 non emergency calls which you handled  in approximately 40 minutes. You showed extreme confidence, professionalism  and calmness  in multi-tasking  during this extremely hectic time.

I agree with Sgt. Szuber  that you should be  be recognized  for your actions. I personally have seen nothing but professionalism,  and tact from you when  dealing with our citizens and performing  your job. I have forwarded this  to the award board  for their consideration.

Later in a hand written postscript  for this publication, Chief Hendrickson added, "Dispatcher Ishmael was given an individual commendation  for his efficient and valued service in the performance of his duties over an extended period of time."

Editors note: In a citizen  survey conducted in the Spring of 2012, The Public Safety Department was rated the highest of all City departments in the satisfaction of contact experience. The Public Safety Department received  a 4.5 rating out of a possible five in three categories. No other department received a 4.5 in any category. In the other two categories Public Safety received a 4.4.  The City Clerk's department had three 4.4 ratings but none as high as 4.5. With the exception Public Safety and City Clerk no other department scored as high as 4.4

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