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Monday, January 20, 2014

Oscar Buzz DVD's Fruitvale Station and The Butler Highlight Baldwin New Titles 1/14/2014

Fruitvale Station (DVD)Oscar Grant III, a 22-year-old Bay Area resident, crosses paths with friends, enemies, family, and strangers on the last day of 2008. Based on a true story. Check Availability

Editors Note: Fruitvale  Station (a stop on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area Rapid Transit ) received a lot of pre-Oscar buzzIt was a topic of interest on NPR. It is a well told, true story, of urban life and tragedy. The Baldwin Library loan copies  arrived  slightly ahead of the Amazon Kindle Fire  Pay per view version at  $3.99.

The Butler (DVD): Inspired by a true story about Cecil Gaines, a devoted husband, father, and White House butler who served eight Presidential administrations during the turbulent politics and civil rights battles of twentieth century America. Check Availability

Carrie (DVD): After merciless taunting from classmates and abuse at the hand of her mother, Carrie's anger, and her telekinetic powers, are unleashed. And when a prom prank goes horribly wrong, events spiral out of control until the terrifying conclusion of this powerful, pulse-quickening horror story.
Check Availability

Enough Said (DVD): Divorced mom Eva may be falling for Albert, a sweet, funny, like-minded divorced man. But as their relationship blossoms, Eva befriends Marianne, who's always complaining about her ex-husband. When Eva realizes that Albert is the target of Marianne's rants, she begins to question her own perceptions about first impressions and second chances. Check Availability


I’m In Love with a Church Girl (DVD): Miles Montego was king of the streets as a high-level drug trafficker, and although he has tried to move on, the DEA isn't convinced. When Miles meets Vanessa, a woman who is different than every other woman he's met, he is drawn to her beauty and her spirituality. As their connection grows deeper, both are tested to their last ounce of faith in God and in each other. Check Availability

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