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Monday, September 15, 2014

Baldwin Library Update. June, July, and August Library Board Meetings on Video. Agenda for Tonight's Meeting. And May 21st Library Community Review.

To read the entire  well indexed 70 plus page agenda package for tonight's meeting  which includes the Agenda  click here.  Included in the packet are the draft minutes of the August meeting. which will be approved tonight.

August  Baldwin Library Board Meeting. 

              This meeting is approximately hour and 50  minutes long. To see it in its entirety click on the link below. 

July 2014 Library Board Meeting
This meeting is approximately one hour long. To see it in its entirety click here. To read the approved minutes for this meeting click here

       June 16th Board Meeting
The  video for this meeting is two hours long. To see it in it's entirety click here.  To see the  approved minutes for this meeting click here.

Baldwin Library Community Dialog, May 2014 (Excerpt from Andres Duany's 2016 Plan Review)

To see this video in its one hour and 15 minute entirety  click here.

All meetings will be taped and broadcast on Birmingham Municipal Channel 15 (Comcast) or Channel 99 (AT&T).  View the current Bloomfield Community Television schedule here.  Bloomfield Community Television reserves the right to reschedule programs if necessary.

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