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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

City Commission Goals for 2014-2015 devoid of Public Input. City to seek expensive alternatives and answers elsewhere.

0f note is" investigate community performance measurement programs in an effort to continually measure and improve our service delivery.. What a lot of nonsense. Service Delivery? To who? By whom?  It seems our City Commission is always looking for answers everywhere but where their constituents reside.

The  citizen survey  of 2011 was not for the benefit City residents of  The Price tag was $10,000 plus. The question were determined by Commissioner McClure and City Manager Cravens sans any other input from other City commissioners (who simply were asked to approve the final draft)  or  the public. The less than 30% response was then touted as the will of the people and used to justify legislation various commissioners wanted to pursue. 

Government by survey has been utilizes by more than a few municipalities as way of getting a desired response while bypassing the electoral process.  The trick is in how the question is phrased. Positive  consequences of an action are stressed and the negative ones ignored. 

 Less threatening but rather absurd is the proposed renewal  order of the 4000 City Welcome Brochure which cost about a dollar each and were presumably intended to be  "promoting the services of our department." 

At what department would that be ? Since the annual move in rate in our  City (of 3500) less is than 100 a year how many of the old brochures produced in 2013 still remain ?

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