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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bloomfield Hills Schools. New high school construction progress. Summer Board of Education Meetings..

To see a  video detailing  the construction progress on the new high school  Click Here.. There you will have access to all programs now playing on Bloomfield Hills Schools TV. Of current note are the six  displayed below. 

  •  Results of the  Cobalt  Survey on engagement and priority assessment. (Length: 19 minutes).
  • New High School construction update. (12 min)
  • School Board Meeting of August 31st (1 hour 30 min)
  • School Board Meeting of July 17th (1 hour)
  •  High School Energy Efficiency report  (19 min)
  • Board of Education  Meeting Budget Review 2013-2015 (44 minutes)

Please note the highlighted programs change on a regular basis but can usually be found again on  video on demand.

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