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Monday, July 24, 2017

Round ten of City versus roads to return July 25th.

It was the  unexpected  summer storm that blew up  towards the end  of the July  2017 City Commission Meeting. Despite the storm and  and drang it inspired there was something   vaguely familiar about it.

After ten years  all aspects of  Road  review and regret the City  of Bloomfield Hills sounds vaguely familiar.

IT was out going  Mayor MCready  who talked up roads as a way of showing residents their tax dollars at work.

The only problem was the roads the tax payers paid for didn't last and no one seems to know why.

A late as 1977 there was no high speed highway connecting Paris with the German Border, Just a tree lined  two lane road.

Like the Roman roads or for that matter some of the roads in Birmingham  Michigan they may have been built on concrete.

What ours are  built on are built on and why they don't last  remains a frustrating subject of conjecture.

A couple  of years ago at budget meeting,  Then Mayor McClure told commissioner Hardy that she has doubts about the latest HRC road proposal.and maybe  it should  be shopped out for competitive bids. To which  Ms.Hardy said it is a little late for that don't you think ?  Mayor Mclur
e said  it could be changed.

That was a  number of years ago. At the July  Meeting Jamie Burton of the City''s Engineering  Consulting firm Hubbel  Roth and Clark Introduced  a new approach. Re-do all  the roads that needed  doing in one fell sloop with a single contractor. Make your arrangements  now in  what Burton called the January Window of time when contractors  would be desperate for business and prices  would be  low.
Burton was supported by new City Manager  and  Former City Chief  of Public Safety  David Hendrickson.
Sara McClure opposed the all in once scheme saying that it was  beyond the City'budget..Mayor Coakley joined Mclure concerned about the budget bur appeared ti be drafted into the fray.
the complexityof  the matter and the lack of immediate information on hand prompted tabling the matter for a late July work session.
Work sessions are open to the public and usually begin in late afternoon and conclude before the dinner hour.

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