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Monday, July 3, 2017

Unexploded bombs hinders City going forward in Post Craven Era.

Last Week Residents received  the Spring Issue of the Hills Highlight Spring Edition number  #95  In their mail box. It's the one with self congratulatory sticky note displayed on the cover.   Mayor Coakley calls it a midterm report card and that may be so. On the downside, City Commission was  hit with a number of  job vacancies.

 They included  that of  the former City Manager,  City Treasurer, and  City Building official.  Read the article articles of the new City Manager, City Treasurer and City Building officials  in this edition of the Hills Highlight and get acquainted with the new team.  Regrettably Former City manager Cravens did the City no favors  on his way out of town. In fact the the wheels might have come off  City Commission  they did not assuming all the bombs buried somewhere around have been found.

  In London during Second World War a bomb crashed through massive dome of century's old of ST Paul's.Cathedral and buried  its self thirty feet in the ground compliments of the Luftwaffe and there it lay being  waiting  to be discovered.
removed and defused. 
The Brits who had  many such phenomena  
 called them Uexb's  or Unexploded bombs.
As a rule our  Our City Commission does not go looking for Uexb's which is not always the smartest approach since Uexb's seldom go away on their own. In fact  during the Blitz a British Royal of some  peeridge,  Say OBE took his butler and maid and went around London  doing their  bit by finding and neutralizing Uexbs. Eventually the law of averages caught up with them but not before the three became the stuff of legend.
This publication with very little effort has found three UXebs   that require at the very least an inspection and  perhaps even an  explanation.   Both were lacking in Hills Highlight #95.
So we sally forth on our own. Cherio.

 Unexploded  Bomb 1 . The Waste Hauler Issue is not yet dead.
No one could have imagined the magnitude of the Rizzo  melt down  or how it will or could  effect Bloomfield Hills but it never hurts to ask.  That is what the Township was doing. That is what other communities are doing  Some residents have called City Hall  to complain.  There will always be  complaints that is normal.  What is not normal is the response the callers get is that the City is in contact with GFL. Really? How come the City has not been in contact with it's residents ? Our City has a long history  by story of loyalty to trash hauler's what will that get them?  GLF is the new kid on the block . Will we get what  was promised by Rizzo. Probably not but it does not hurt to ask. The only communication on the matter the residents have double sheet of paper which many rules and regulations of being served by GFL which was inserted in the Hills High. It  was unsigned  by any one from GFL or the City
Which prompts the question often asked in the twilight of Rizzo and that is are we for  GFL or they for us?.

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