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Friday, July 7, 2017

Unexplode Bomb Number #1The Waste Hauler Issue is not dead.

Yes we have a contract and so did  British  Prime Minster Neville Chamberlain or so he thought. A contract that  promised peace in our time. He even had it in writing and waved at the news reel film crews reporting  on his return  return from Munich and a fateful meeting with  Herr Hitler.  Six month later world war two  began.

We find from what we read in the newspaper a that it is alleged that in the end Rizzo even  wasn't Rizzo  and it's assets belonged to New Your Holding company. We have also learned  that it is alleged that some former Rizzo  officers may have taken money from the company for their own purposes.
 The CEO of The  GFL  Environment company that  now hauls waste for the City   they would not have bought Rizzo has they known the extent of the  federal  investigation.

Despite it all  GFL the company with Green Trucks has  has done 
reasonably well in a city of  narrow streets , hills, and cut-de-sacs.
Yes there have been complaint calls to City Hall.  They have been in the nature missed pick ups.  On East Valley Road which  dead ends  there is no turn around  and the big  trucks inherited  from Rizzo have to back up all the way to Rathmor.

That being said  it is easy to forget that former City Manager  Craven made promises that were weren't  kept like. a day of pick up ombudsman to make on the spot course correction. In addition  Cravens slammed the door on complaints as soon as the ink was dry on the Rizzo agreement referring  such calls to what was then. Rizzo 

Improvement number one is a direct line to our City Manager  David Hendrickson. 

The Situation in the trash hauling world not exacting stable.  The so far seamless integration of Our City and GFL  is better that expected but  in life there are no guarantees. Keep your fingers crossed.

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