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Sunday, July 9, 2017


  Cell Tower, Eye sore, metallic Ice sculpture  theme park. Call it what you like.
Like  the  the still lingering  up in the air  waste  hauler issue, the City has yet to take control of the tower  issue with it's most important ally its Citizens.

 Construction of an 160 foot  communications tower will commence at an approaching date to be determined.
 With American Tower you never know.
The issue dates from 2010 and the words of then Mayor Zambrick
Who told American Tower, I am not saying no and I am not saying Yes. and I am saying . I am saying  we (the City Commission of 2010) need more information. That was in July 2010  when and when that information was not forthcoming by the  End of 2010. Then City Manager Cravens suggested putting the matter before the planing commission  seek to approve  for the minor details  for City   City Commission approval at a latter date 
That approval came in the fall of 2016, six years later but not from the planning commission but The city commission.  The Approval was unanimous. What happened  in those six years  to change the City Commissions need for more information to a unanimous approval a half decade later ? Nothing and everything.
The City Hired a consultant who said the  the tower  could be build in 80 foot configuration to meet the communications needs of the public safety department  of the City. Those needs came under an official office called Clemis . When the City offered to build a tower for Clemis' needs they were told to talk to American Tower American Tower. And that was when  in the words of one City Commissioner the  the City  realized they were being played.  according to one commissioner realized they were being played.
 The Dynamic going on was  that 
American Tower would build a tower to the moon for free  if they could sell space on to other  communications companies but no pint sized  towers please and with that the issue went on hiatus for another half decade. All the City had to do  is lease them the land on which to build. 
In 2012  our City replaced it's retiring Chief of police  one  David Hendrickson the third  ranking officer in the State's third Largest City. Last Spring  Chief Hendrickson was promoted to City Manager as the highest ranking civilian Employee in the City of Bloomfield Hills. As he Chief seldom asked for anything and when he did the need usually quickly became apparent.  A week after a shots fire home invasion occurred in our City  arrest were  made in less than a week due the membership in the multi community task force Henderson requested at Tuesday prior City Commission Meeting.
For a long time or Public Safety Department lacked an extraction tool called The Jaws of Life. It is used to get people out auto of in the case of accidents.  Some of which involve fire. For a long time the City got by with a saws all  cutting  device   available at hardware stores and big box retailers.  A saws all is at it's  best in cutting drywall and safety glass  but not so good with steel.
So under direction  of Chief Hendrickson   the department took their  non functioning Jaws of life apart found out why it wasn't working and replaced the needed part without  all without asking the City for money.
 The Jaws of Life  demonstration was star attraction at last summer's  Public Safety  Open House last summer.
Long before he came to town   City Manager Hendrickson was well versed on the City  on  the  he would come to manage  to manage.  He knew of the City's  disdain for gun mettle grey poles 80 stories high. So he and department went out and tested  the  then current communications capabilities with those a tower would provide before delivering a verdict. For 2012th  and
 perhaps longer the  public safety department could  make do with the existing equipment but those needs could change. Fair enough.
The problem is not the needs of Public Safety which is documented and determined on the  Roof of Christ Church Cranbrook which is the which is highest point in the City.
The Problem is  that in his hurry to leave town former CityManager Cravens left the door open to  Commercial interests to come in and build towers in the City.
 Those interests  A Municipality  can  not  refuse a communications tower on the  on the grounds of esthetics or unproven heath hazards.  
It has been said  that said that said rulings came after intense  lobbying efforts by commercial interests.
Never the less  the FCC has also said that proposed communications  Tower must  meet  an existing need and  that the Tower  will provide a solution to that need.

In otherword The FCC can't bull doze your house or or turn our community in a grave yard of 16story high poles If there are other alternatives.
At a recent City Commission meeting  The man from American Tower and our new City Attorney  seemed   remember the  

If it is any consolation to those who revel in the City's natural features The Planning  Commission was much more fiesty in the  raw face of Commercialism and some int than City Commission. Maybe it is because the former had to sit through  "  Why you can't say no to a communications  Tower presentation two years prior. You can't say no for  unproven heath  concerns  but  the tower must  demonstratively  fill a need.  
At a  recent City Commission the man from American Tower  and Surprisingly  our new City  Attorney repeatedly  mentioned the part about the City's obligation to the  the communications industry  but forgot the part about the Communications Industry's obligation  to the City.In the current  issue of Hills Highlights Mayor Coakley  boasts the  City has improves has made significant    Improvement  telecommunications in the City  Proving a 160 foot tower for  A&T&T and three smaller  antennas for  Verizon.

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