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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tour the Amalfi Coast with Community House in May. Sneak Preview Tonight at 6pm.

An hour south of Naples, near Salerno (famous World War II Battlefield) and thirty Kilometers  due south of Pompeii  lies the Almalfi  Coast  overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Due west is the Isle of Capri. Due south is Sicily. The Sicilian city of Messenia lines up almost exactly with Salerno. The whole of the Almalfi coast is maybe twenty miles long.  Shorter than a trip from the City of Bloomfield Hills to St. Clair Shores or half way to Ann Arbor. In good weather, traffic permitting, it is maybe a thirty five minute drive along  Strada Statale 163,  or the  Via Amalfi.
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Tonight that spectacular coast line is the featured attraction of  a Travel Presentation at the Birmingham Community House. The presentation is intended to highlight an eight day May 2nd to May 10th Community House Trip to the Almalfi Coast. There is no charge for the presentation but a RSVP is requested to provide adequate seating. Those attending will discover a delicious sense of deja vu. If you go to the movies you have seen the Amalfi Coast. Along with Rome and Venice it is one of the most filmed and photographed  pieces of real estate on the Italian boot.The Community House May Tour will spend seven nights in Maiori  and visits nearby Pompeii, Capri, Sorrento, Positano, and Pasestum. A Community House  escort will be provided The price for the eight day trip is $3199 per person double occupancy which is very reasonable considering it includes airfare and breakfast and dinner daily. The single supplement, $3499, is not ridiculous. A $400 deposit will reserve your space. The deadline for deposits is January 25th.
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The GI's who landed at Salerno and fought their way to Naples used to say,"See Naples and die." It was not an original expression however. People have been saying that for centuries for a variety of reasons. In fact in the last hundred and twelve years  two Italian movies released in 1924 and 1950 receptively have used the phrase as their title.

Strada Statale 163 Italia.svg

Should you see (in person) the Amalfi Coast before the game is over ? Most definitely. No one goes to Italy just once. It's just not done. Where you put the 25 kilometer SS 163 drive  in the mix with Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Genoa,the Ligurnian or Adriatic coast, Sicily, Pisa, or Sienna is up to you but it belongs high on the list. The Amalfi Cost is spectacular enough to rate World Heritatge recognition

Will you ever really get to the Amalfi Coast  in person ? Probably not. Most people don't. Other things come up. You know. That's what makes this Community House trip so tempting. See the free sneak preview tonight at 6pm. RSVP by calling 248-644-5832. To Rsvp on line click on The Birmingham Community House  located directly across the street from the main entrance to the Baldwin Library.

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