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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

From November 15 2011 to January 13 2012 342 city residents got Baldwin Library cards.1411 items were checked out by residents in 2011.

Of particular note to Bloomfield Hills residents is an article, Library Director Doug Koschik, contributed to the current issue of the Hills Highlight  our city's official newsletter on the subject  of Baldwin's services to the students of Bloomfield  Hills. To further than end the the Director has scheduled an meeting with The Bloomfield Hills School District.The Book return and lending shelf at the Bloomfield Hills is similar to the one Baldwin has established in Beverly Hills. The books promised, Koschik said would be good  books. Recent best sellers where the library purchased many copies. The honor system will employed although it seems in Beverly Hills  bringing replacement books for ones taken has proved popular.
You have friends at the Baldwin  Library
In a very short time all residents of the City of Bloomfield Hills will receive postcard  like the one displayed below. They are a welcome from the Friends of the Baldwin Library  Look for yours shortly and prepare a spot on your fridge.Full of useful information this card is a keeper.The Friends are generously paying for the cost of printing and postage. The group also sponsors many  of the programs held at Baldwin. Barbara Suhay is the  Friends of the Library Baldwin  Liaison and her husband  James W. Suahay was just elected to the Library Board for a three  year term that will expire in 2015.

Some of the programs sponsored by the  Friends of The Baldwin Library
2012 Student Members of the Baldwin Library Board
The Baldwin Library a selected a young man and a young woman  from Beverly Hills  to share the duties as 2012 student member of the Library Board. Aside from voting they will be in essence be board members performing all duties of a board member and providing the board with a young person's point of view. The Library did not have a difficult decision to make since the students selected were the only two who applied.

"Kid are too busy," the wife explained when I mentioned it. Yeah well we adults have been known to die for a crack at the school or library board. If I were16, my year on the Baldwin Board  would be the keystone to my community service oriented application to Stanford or Yale. I'd have  recommendations on letter head. from the  Mayor  of every community that contracted with the library plus still more from all the captains of industry and civic dedication  currently on the Library Board.

"Your not sixteen," the wife said.  True and when I was 16, if  I recall correctly I had.very few thoughts that might have been regarded as ambitious.
 Congratulations to the Baldwin Library  for sponsoring such a program and to the inaugural participants  from Beverly Hills who will make it a success.For the rest of the Baldwin communities who had no applicants there is always the rallying cry of the Brooklyn Dodgers. "Wait until next year."

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