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Monday, January 23, 2012

Jan 19th Bloomfield Hills School Board Meeting

At the recent Bloomfield Hills School Board Meeting, Superintendent Robert Glass said that if Bond issue failed the price tag for deferred maintenance on the two existing high school buildings could be as high as $29 million.
He said the $65 million dollar Hybrid High School (36% remodel 64% new construction) was (excluding athletics) “a one and done for 30 to 40” years of normal maintenance.
The superintendent said the choice was one of continual patch up or doing it right.
According to Glass eight years of debate had taken its toll on the community. It was time to bring the issue to resolution. By the end of February the dollar amount asked for in the bond issue and the election date would be decided.
 In seeking Public opinion By Glass said he chose the “town hall” concept to engage the community.
Polling or statistical survey would not in the superintendent’s opinion get the right input.
 The number of town hall meetings has been increased from to 7 to 12. Next week two town halls consisting of 45 minutes of input and ninety minutes of public comment and discussions are scheduled.
 Tuesday board members will be at Way Elementary 7pm to 9pm and Thursday from 7pm to 9pm at East Hills Middle School.
The board continues to debate and seek public input into how much cash to contribute to the bond issue kitty. Last month that figure was 7 to $11 max. Upon further review it can now be increased to $11 to $20 million max.
 If all cash monies were run to zero and anticipated income is included the figure could be 50 million  plus. Tina Kostiuk Assistant Superintendent of Business warned that large cash depletion would jeopardize the school system’s triple a bond rating.  Realistically Tina she said it would not be prudent to go over 20 million.
School District residents and 20/20 Leader Chris Fellin speaking at public comment said he saw $55 million that could spent. $25 million which he said was stolen from his children. “Money that should have been spent on my children’s education rather than squirreling it away. “  
Superintendent Glass said the school board was obligated to stay within the budget but having reserves was no good if you couldn’t use them.

   In other matters the school board announced that it was favor a full day kindergartens schedule and would approve such at the next Board Meeting.
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Laurie McCarty said this move had already been adopted by school districts throughout the county.
The consensus is that in today’s completive world which emphasis early learning. Kindergarten is the new first grade.
One or two half day kindergarten sessions would however be maintained for circumstances that required it.
Lahser student Elizabeth Sabol was recognized for winning the North American International Auto Show Poster Contest.
 Her design combining man and machine was used for  the cover of programs and posters promoting the NAIAS better known to locals at the Detroit Auto Show..
Assistant superintendent Ed Bretzlaff said that personnel decisions concerning the coaching staffs would be announced at the end of each 2012-2013 sports season. 
For example the Head football Coach for the combined schools will  be announced in November.
Bretzlaff also reported that the new Mascot/School colors competition to be decided by the students was entering the third round.
Mascot survivors are Blackhawks, Chargers, and Royals. School Colors finalists are Black and Blue, Blue and Gold, and Silver, Purple, and Black.

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