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Friday, February 7, 2014

Bloomfield Township Trustee Meeting of 1/27/14

To read the minutes of this meeting Click Here

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To find discussion on a topic that interests you, use the round ball  timeline slider" and pause button to  move forward or back.  The meeting agenda is provided as an approximate guide to help you find topics.

4200 Telegraph Road Bloomfield Hills MI 48302 


1. Approve Board Minutes of January 13, 2014 

2. Consider Approval of a Sewer Service Agreement for 1410 Telegraph Road – Presented by Olivia 
Olsztyn-Budry, Township Engineer 

3. Consider Approval of Dates for E-Waste/Shredding/Medication Disposal, Clean Sweep & 
Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Days – Presented by Katie Schlutow, Public Works Manager 

4. Consider Approval to Accept the Petition for Special Assessment District (S.A.D.) 408, Carillon 
Hills Subdivision Road Repaving – Presented by Wayne Domine, Engineering & Environmental 

5. Consider Approval of a Petition for the Hamlin Extension Drain – Presented by Wayne Domine, 
Engineering & Environmental Director 

6. Presentation of the Engineering & Environmental Services Department Annual Report – Presented 
by Wayne Domine, Engineering & Environmental Director 

7. Consider Approval of the Five-Year Strategic Plan Final Report – Presented by Supervisor Savoie 

8. Approve Payroll and Vouchers for 01/27/2014 

9. Public Comment 

Included in Packet: 

 Fire Department Monthly Report – November 2013 

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