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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

City of Bloomfield Hills to "Amend " Or ""Discuss" Waste Hauler Ordinance. ?

The Agenda item for tonight's meeting for discussion and/or a  possible vote is  on the Waste Hauler issue is #11 the last real item on the agenda.

11. The commission will consider discussion of a resolution and ordinance regarding solid waste collection. 

If that  sounds vague it is because it is. What is behind the agenda item is however quite specific and if adopted  would be recent could be considered, drastic,  and even draconian. It will impact on companies who have served the City and its residents for many years. It will also impact on residents who appreciate the services they receive which may unable to do business in the city and replaced by less service at a higher price. No justification for the proposed ordinance revision  has been offered. Nor has input on the matter been sought from the public. If there has been any communications between the waste haulers  and the City only the lack of it has been discussed at a public meeting.

At the December  City Commision meeting,  the topic emerged as part of the City's  Goal and Objectives for 2014. City Clerk Amy Burton who had been assigned the task of compiling data on waste hauler services  the reported that some of the waste haulers she contacted to  were uncooperative and sometimes rude. That prompted Commissioner McClure to wonder if it might not be time for a change. City Manager Cravens he had heard reports of recycled items not being properly handled. He said he would look in to the matter and report back to the commission at the January City Commission meeting.

Mayor Hardy was absent from the December Meeting due to a broken Hip. Commissioner Dul as Mayor Protem chaired meeting.

At the January meeting nothing was said about waste hauling.

 In the Agenda Package of tonight's meeting which is available to residents on the City's web site, The following appeared. It was posted on February 7th for the February 11th  meeting and it is dated February 6th. It is not known if all the commissioners have as yet read it. It is doubtful that many residents have.

While many  residents  would be in favor regulations and rules passed for the good of the City some of the eight items mentioned seem exclusionary to small companies with no explained benefit to the City or it's residents. Examples  include  #5 which prohibits vehicles older than five years. #8 required  insurance of 1 million to three million dollars.
Some residents may not have that much insurance on their house More than a few are driving cars older than  five years which would be model year 2009. Specialized and expensive vehicles like  Garbage trucks  are usually  built and financed to last longer than that. Usually the owner of such vehicles begin to make a profit when  the vehicle is paid off.
# 6 The establishment of a customer route list is probably beyond the paperwork capabilities of the Mom and Pop Waste Haulers residents love. One in particular who is highly recommended, uses his truck for an office and if you call him on the phone that is rather obvious. Even if a small company is  able to comply with the requirement, the increased cost will be be passed on the the consumer.
 City residents might also also object  to having their trash habits scrutinised or being reported on. To whom ? The City Clerk ? The City Manager ? or the City Attorney ?  It sounds like something you would read about in glory days of East Germany.
Don't laugh. Tonight on the late night, agenda item 11 will be discussed and possibly voted  on.

because  the existing ordinance is simply being amended.

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