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Monday, February 17, 2014

Single waste hauler means more trucks.

In 2010  belief that that trash trucks among other heavy vehicles were damaging  our City's roads prompted consideration of a single waste hauler.  

Hubbel  Roth and Clarke a consultant firm the City employs for road construction (among other things) wrote the City  in September  2009  (when  the City was in the early stages of visiting  the issue of a single trash hauler) which later in January  of 2010 was rejected by the residents. The HRC is titled letter  blamed  road deterioration on large truck traffic in the City of Bloomfield Hills.  The Lettert includes a 15 page report  on recycling and trash collection in Washtenaw County, That report was written in May of 2005. It cites the negative factors of garbage trucks.

  • axle weight
  • the constant start  and stop of garbage trucks when they  pick up. 
  • Increased spring season road deterioration when the roads surfaces are particularly vulnerable  and when waste hauling services add a yard waste pick up  to their repertoire
It concludes with 
The complete 15 page report, and the cover letter from HRC to the City can be read by clicking here.

A single  waste hauler does not however mean less trucks. In adjacent communities with so-called "single waste haulers " it can mean more trucks by a fact of 3 or more.. 

The Communities of Troy (serviced by Tringali) and Bloomfield Township ( Serviced by Rizzo)  and Rochester Hills ( Serviced by Republic) are examples of single waste hauler communities. This writer through elderly family members  is familiar with all three (albeit Rizzo  of Royal Oak, and Republic of Commerce Township).

Republic, Rizzo, and  Tringali,  dispatch a large fleet of trucks to serve communities much larger than ours. For each area of pick up there can be many  trucks picking up, per trash day. On a Troy "Monday" the sequence per neighborhood or cul de sac is a very early morning recycle truck, followed  by late morning (April through November ) yard waste truck,  and an afternoon garbage pick up. 
It takes four days to collect the trash  in  Troy and five days for Bloomfield Township. 


Below is the  pick up schedule for Bloomfield Township and a notation about yard waste pick up starting March 11th. In the Township Trash pick up is a five a days a week . Since the City of Bloomfield Hills seems to be larger than any zone in the Township, we assume  it is not drawn to scale.

Bloomfield Township

The curious  thing is that streets of The Township and Troy seem to be holding up rather well under the onslaught of week long garbage pick up We are talking trucks much larger  than  than the half dozen which service our City. The trucks employed by Tringali and Rizzo are big and state of the art. So much so that truck buffs take movies of them and post them on You Tube. We have used some of the films to illustrate this article.

Where  multi truck waste haulers have an advantage over the smaller companies is in recycling. The  recycle  trucks are dedicated to nothing but.Glass, paper, and metal cans are sorted as they are loaded into separate bins on truck. 

That is why a large signs ar Soccra where both Rizzo and Tringali deposit says  something to the effect of  " Trignali and Rizzo this way" everyone else get in line. It's a variant of money talks everything else walks. There is money in recycling,  If you study the garbage business you know Waste  haulers make money on pick up and recycles. 
It is like advertising agencies that make money designing your ad and then gets  commission for placing it in the media.  Efficiency and profit  is maximized at  every turn. Time is also money and Rizzo and Tringali  having it all together in, advance, unload fast and require no sorting.

Small companies work different niche's. Since our City requires recycling  one of our current waist hauler uses a van which puts very little stress on our city streets.  Recycle items are sorted  either by the resident or van operator in the vehicle .

While the big boys have slick operations, in terms of
recycling there is a new game in town. Would you believe bar coding the recyclables ? No ? How about bar coding the recycle bin can ?


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