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Monday, February 24, 2014

Precepts for City of Bloomfield Hills 2013 Person of The Year Award.

 Valentine's  day is over over and St. Patrick's day approaches. We are chagrined to note that  we have yet to post our 2013 Persons of the Year award.  It is an award we do not give lightly and we must say it is a  difficult award to win. We don't seek suggestions or nominations. There is no panel to impress. Essays are not required .
Until it is announced (usually at some late date ) there is no mention. We don't  ask questions of co-workers  or do similar  things that might tip our hand. Instead we evaluate throughout the year and sometimes, in the case of this year, a little longer. Then we announce our 2013  Person of the Year. The individual selected will find out just as you do. By reading it here. We don't notify the winner. We feel that would be inappropriate  as if we expected something in return  for picking them. There is also no tangible award made in terms of a plaque, certificate or a banquet. Just the words that appear.

Last December  we recognized  four individuals who participated in the major news stories of the year. Two of which Amy Burton, (City Archives) and Mary Juras (Celebrate Bloomfield Hills Day)  accomplished far  more than their duties.

 Our  Person of the Year award is  however different. It is  not just recognition of a job well done which in the course of year, could include many in our communities.

Our award is made for the benefit of our readers. We  hope that our recognition  of residents or nearby neighbors, who have displayed courage, overcome adversity, and  improved our communities will inspire others.

Like all awards the validity of ours can only determined in the continued accomplishments of the people who we award it to. 
We are pleased to say that  the people we acknowledged in 2011 and 2012  did  very well in the years that  followed.

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