The Baldwin Library is considering expansion. To that end Library Board members are meeting with  Birmingham City officials. The talks are the beginning of what will probably be a many year process of evaluating needs and considering possibilities.

In regards to a more immediate expansion The Baldwin Library has established satellite service in the Bloomfield Hills City Hall. A three shelf book case (in a matching  wood finish)  stocked by the library will provide City residents with  recent best sellers. Residents can take books on the honor system. The honor system means you read it and return it or replace with books of greater or equal value. No library card is required.Baldwin officials have reported success with a similar honor system library in Beverly Hills which also contracts with the Baldwin Library.
 A convenient and secure book return drop is also  located in the foyer of City Hall.. Residents who return their Baldwin Library materials via the  City Hall  Book drop will benefit from a grace period.  Baldwin picks up on Thursdays. Any book returned by the Thursday pick up will be credited to as having been returned on the previous  Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday due date
Residents who are particularly scrupulous should total up the fines they would have incurred without the grace period, form a mental picture of the amount and keep that in mind when the next library millage vote occurs in 2014. This manner of appreciation is however  strictly voluntary or as they say "on the honor system".

It should also be noted the Baldwin Library was prime motivator in creating the satellite library and book drop. It was a campaign promise made  by the library during the last  fall's millage election. There was a slight delay in getting the right shelving for the books and the materials for assembling the book drop. A March date  was promised but Baldwin was able to get that moved in to February. City Manager Jay Cravens and Library Liaison  City of Bloomfield Hills Commissioner Pat Hardy also provided assistance.

 For Bloomfield Hills it is the first public library on the premise presence in the city’s eighty year history.