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Monday, February 27, 2012

You Tube for You. BHS Series Part 2a.

 Lahser high school teacher David Brazle chose You Tube because it is the medium his students connect to is an amazing conduit into the world of lifelong learning.  People of almost any   age can learn a foreign language, view travel destinations, learn how to cook, repair a faucet, or prevent window wells from leaking.
 For the serious student who might write a paper, a thesis, or even a scholarly book, there is more. Especially if your source material is media or the audience who media seeks
 If you are student of the German language and history, the films of East Germany in the years immediately after the Second World War found on You Tube might interest you. Why ? Because under Soviet domination East German directors were given free reign to bash to old regime.  As a result some the first and often frank depictions what occurred emerged. In the West under occupation of Allies film directors were held back, while all concerned considered the roll of film in teaching the West Germans democracy. Eventually the West caught up and the East unable to bash the new Soviet sponsored regime languished.
Even if you are not seriously minded you might enjoy situation comedies from the early 1950’s, Like the life of Riley, I remember Mama, and The Goldberg are available . So is the 1970’s hit  program “Good Times.
Before Natalie Wood sang “Hold my hand and I’ll Take you there” in the movie West Side Story, you can see and hear Carole Lawrence do it on Broadway, compliments of You Tube.
History is presented “live “on You Tube
The only problem is that everything is on You Tube and it is not always very well sorted. Viewer discretion and appropriate family filters are advised. 

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