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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Invitations Fly as the City Puts on The Ritz for the Big Occassion !

Valentines day is here and residents of the City of Bloomfield Hills residents are mulling over the many invitations to civic functions scheduled for this evening .
Click below  for the Agenda Packet for tonight's meetings.
4pm Planning Commission Meeting

7:30 pm City Commision Meeting 

 The Bloomfield Hills City Commission is ready to propose. It just has released a
“Citizen Engagement Assessment” nee “Residents Satisfaction Survey” in draft form.
To show you that their intentions are honorable the City has also released a draft of the also proposed code of ethics. Both Drafts are available on request at City Hall at 45 E. Long Lake.

The Engagement Assessment pops 24 questions in four pages. “Yes and No” are replaced by strongly agree, disagree, are neutral, agree, strongly, and don’t know. Topics include, Programs and Services, Transportation and Streets, Community Characteristics and Quality of Life, Planning and Budget and City Commission. Commissioners reading the draft recommended modifications about questions that implied the possibility of services or amenities the city financially can not provide.

The Code of Ethics is intended to be “preventive not punitive.” Ethical conduct is listed by items from “A” To “K”. Many of the items are matters to interpretation. Item “G” says “public officials shall prepare themselves for public issues, .... and listen politely,”. Nothing in the two page document is said about the ethics of deciding issues prior to a public meeting which is not only unethical it is a violation of the Michigan Open Meetings Act. The document says laws take precedent but provides no suggestions or requirements about how a city official of approached about possible pre-arranged decision should act or comport himself.

Both drafts will be fined tuned for Big Date which  is appropriately February 14th.

 The fun begins at exactly 4pm which is the absolute drop dead moment that nominating petitions can be accepted for candidates to run the City Commission Election on May 8th. Three challengers and two incumbents are expected but will a last minute suitor appear as the clock bongs four ?  

 At 4:01 the City Planning Commission will try to unravel the tangles of Tree Ordinance.

 At 7:30 City Commission will seek the hand of city residents with a finalized Engagement draft.

Remember that couple last seeing sitting a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G ? Good news ! You may see them this evening !

While maybe not the most romantic date, Valentine’s day at City Hall will quickly determine if either half of a love struck couple has the necessary interest in civic or municipal affairs to prolong the relationship. History and a lifetime of experience say it is better to learn such things early on.

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