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Monday, February 27, 2012

Promethean Boards, BHS Series, Part 3.

Editing in Marnie Diems’s third grade at Conant elementary school is a little different than editing a newspaper. At a newspaper one person or two at max look at computer screen. At Ms. Diem’s the class many students can walk to a Promethean Board and correct "typos" and "punctuation errors" and phrases that could be better put in letters she leaves for them. Then the board will make the necessary corrections and can even depending on the quality of handwriting change into printed text.

Promethean Boards often called Smart Boards (which is actually the brand name of a competitor), are changing the literal hand writing on the wall, all across the board for education. That is why every classroom in the Bloomfield Hills School District has one.
The Boards an entire lesson hand written lesson and turn it in a Pdf for archiving or portability. You know those cute early grade school drawings proud parents love to put on the refrigerator door ? Well a Promethean Board make them into a movie with the student artist providing the voice over.

They can also help the teach find out instantly who got the lesson and which students are still in the dark. The School District likes to call that ability “visible thinking” and stresses the importance knowing what your students know. In the Classroom Diem simply puts the questions on the board and the students answer electronically at their desk. The Smart board tabulates the results and who in particular who needs more help.
As in keeping with a school district which emphasizes Multimedia and visible thinking Ms. Diem’ class has a blog. In it see says “I can honestly say that 94.8% of the time I love being a teacher her interests as reading, writing, teaching. learning, photography, videography, and technology. 
Perfect for the classroom of the early 21st century.
The Promethean Board will push the 94.8% satisfaction rating higher. She explains “this generation of learners is drawn toward the "entertainment factor" in the instruction, and while teachers have been using computers for years to supplement instruction, the Promethean board allows students to directly interact with the concepts in skills in an innovative way. Along with other hands on learning activities, the board is yet another way for students to solidify their knowledge. “
In an e-mail supplying information on the boards, she added “If you ever have the opportunity to "play" with a Promethean board, I highly recommend it!”

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