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Monday, February 27, 2012

Winky Dink and You, BHS Series Part 3a.

The Promethean Board may the latest electronic interaction learning experience  but it wasn’t the the first. That honor may belong to the1953  CBS Television series Winky Dink and You. The animated series was hosted by Jack Berry who would in later years gain fame as the game show host of Concentration and Twenty One.
Winky Dink’s often got himself in jam. To help Winky Dink viewers assisted  by drawing props or an  escape route  on the  television screen . 
A clear plastic Winky-Dink screen saver was sold for the purpose and  a portion of the program was devoted to the necessity and proper application of the saver. According to the book, CBS the First Fifty Years, however  “a lot of kids just crayoned the tube.”. Modern day viewers won't be able see the visual improvements enhancements suggested by host Jack Berry. You can make them on your computer if you so desire but  don't forget to apply a clear sheet of plastic first.Winky Dink and You aired from  1953 and ran through 1957.

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