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Monday, February 27, 2012

Technology in the Classrooms of Bloomfield Hills Schools. A series in 4 parts.

Once upon a time, technology in the classroom was a television set rolled in on a cart, to watch a rocket launch into outer pace. Pocket Calculators replaced slide rules depending on your income level in either the early, mid, or late 1970's. Then there were colleges and universities that insisted every incoming freshman must have a computer and to that end provided one and tacked it on the bill. Until very recently technology was a device one used and some debated the wisdom of said. Is  it a crutch that replaces  discipline with convenience ? Is  it necessary or just fad ? Is it like TV which in overdose levels is purported to be mind numbing ?

Today in the classrooms of the Bloomfield Hills Schools, technology is the  way of  doing everything. If you are  younger than 30 that goes without saying. If you are older than 50 you may find what follows a revelation.

In explaining what's new we will also explain what once was. Like flannel boards,spirit  duplicators,  Mr. Wizard, and Winky Dink.
We start with Multi Media. What's that ? It is using many creative way of getting your attention and developing an interest. That's why movies have web sights and some government agencies have blogs.
What you see above right  is what happens when  you inadvertently hit the pause button while reviewing a tape of the Principal's Instructional Show Case which is part of every Bloomfield Hills School Board meeting. The student in the center is speaking at  podium. The green tint and word "I am not plastic" come from an refillable water bottle she designed in a campaign to stamp out plastic water bottles. That image is is superimosed on the campaign's web site. In the lower left is a bit of a poster from the  movie Tapped which the student screened as fund raiser. Her presentation and that of other students will be discussed in our neext post titled Multi Media in the Classroom of Model High School. Bloomfield Hills School        Series Part 1

Next we will talk a teacher who flipped. The classroom that is. Students do homework in class and a home they can review the lesson and see their  teacher  showing them, step by step, how to solve  the problems on -of all things -"You Tube." Also of interest here and in the next selection are the instructors themselves who are probably younger than 2X (two times) the age of their students. Their ability to use (as opposed to adapt to)  the new technology creates new learning opportunities for their students. Read about it. Have Math Will Travel. BHS Series Part 2.
Don't know anything about You Tube ? It's a life long learning opportunity. Learn more in You Tube for You. BHS Series Part 2a.
Technological classroom devices get their due when we look at black white brainy boards.See Promethean Boards, BHS Series, Part 3.
We remember, Winky Dink and You the first interactive  TV show. Check out Winky Dink and You, BHS Series Part 3a.
Last but not least we visit The Bionic Barons, the combined Andover and Lahser Co-ed  Robotics Team , preparing for the state Tournament. Times, dates, and locations available in "Varsity Sport of the Mind." BHS Series 4.

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